18 Must-Read Articles of 2018

by Megan Black Second Street

Engagement > Volume: Growing a Healthy Email Database

While many media companies are just focused on the size of their database, smart media companies are realizing that sending to an engaged database is much more important than sending to a large disengaged list. Discover three steps to grow your engaged database.

The Sweepstakes Playbook

This brand new playbook is your ultimate guide to running killer sweepstakes. Whether you’re looking to grow your database, drive in big revenue, enhance your events, or achieve any number of other goals, this playbook outlines everything you need to get started.

31 Success Stories from the Second Street Summit

Our fifth annual Second Street Summit was two days jam packed with inspiration, idea building, and peer networking with other local media peers. While we had dozens and dozens of great success stories, here we pulled together a few of our favorites.

4 Steps to a Successful Email Newsletter Program

Email newsletters should be the foundation of your entire email program. In this webinar, we go through all the steps to get a successful newsletter strategy up and running and tips for improving your existing program.

Monthly Holiday Ideas Guides

While you’re already planning promotions for the big holidays, there are dozens of other fun holidays each month that are perfect for your programming and editorial teams to take advantage of. These monthly articles have been a hit with Lab readers, and we keep adding more to them each year. Check out the ideas for January, May, and October to get started!

Beer Day quiz

Sweeps Leads to $1.25MM Revenue for Advertiser

KY-TV in Springfield, MO put together a simple sweepstakes that turned into a $1.25MM win for their advertiser, a local solar panel company. Leveraging survey questions and opt-ins, the station was able to turn over nearly 4,000 leads for the advertiser.

ky3 sun solar sweeps

A Quick Guide to Welcome Emails: Saying Hello & Thank You

Welcome Emails are your first opportunity to establish a relationship between your brand and a new subscriber. Plus, more than 75% of people expect to get a Welcome Email which leads to them consistently driving open rates over 50%.

Your Subscribers Expect Welcome Emails

How You Can Create a $500K+ Ballot Strategy

Year after year, ballots are driving big revenue, creating engaging content for your site, or growing your email database, a ballot can achieve all three. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to ballots or a ballot veteran, this is a webinar you don’t want to miss.

8 Dos and Don’ts of Monetizing Email Newsletters

Whether you’re just starting to think about making money or are already driving some revenue from your newsletters, this article gives you 8 dos and don’ts for creating revenue-generating email newsletters.

Quiz Bundle an A+ for Math Tutor

When KPWJ-FM’s current advertiser, a local tutoring company, considered pulling their advertising spot buy, the station pitched a quiz to try and save the account. Leveraging survey questions and opt-ins, the station identified qualified leads that directly led to business for the tutor.

It’s Time to Change the Way You’re Selling to Advertisers

Advertisers are looking for new and different ways to drive leads, and there is a lot of their middle-of-the-funnel budgets we’re not accessing today. If you don’t want to leave this money on the table, you’re going to need to change the way you’re selling to advertisers.

entercom portland fix up sweeps survey questions

34 Ideas to Grow Your Engaged Email Database

Growing an engaged email database should be at the top of your digital content strategy, but sometimes maintaining your database growth can be difficult without a strong plan in place. Here we gathered over thirty ideas to keep your database thriving!

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Announcing the 2017 Second Street Award Winners

Our 9th Annual Second Street Awards had 23 categories including Best List-Builder Campaign, Best Photo Contest, and Best Small Market Program, giving us the change to recognize and applaud the biggest success stories from our over 3,000 media partners. Think you’ve got a winner from 2018? Enter your success story now for a chance to be in our 10th Annual Awards!

See the 2017 Awards Winners

Birthday Club Email Secures $80K+ in Sponsorship Revenue

The Northwest Florida Daily News turned their Birthday Club Email into a huge revenue and database driver. Including coupons from nearly a dozen sponsors and leveraging a robust database growth strategy, had turned this into a major success for the paper.

northwest florida birthday email 4

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Emails for Gmail

Like all email providers, Gmail has its own rules and display quirks that can make deliverability frustrating. We put together a set of tips to help you optimize your emails for Gmail without sacrificing how your emails display within other clients.

Ballot Drives 2,900% Increase for Email Newsletter Sign-ups

Sauk Valley Media created a high school sports ballot to connect with their readers on a deeper level. An immediate hit with their readers, their ballot and email campaign resulted in a 2,900% increase in opt-ins in just a few months – the biggest growth amongst all Shaw properties in 2018.

Your Ultimate Email Toolkit

This collection of five great email resources is your key to getting your email program off the ground or giving new life to an existing email program. This is truly your one-stop shop to email success.

30in30: Top Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Our 9th annual 30in30 webinar, lays out thirty top promotion category ideas guaranteed to produce results. Whether you’re most concerned with database growth, audience engagement, or increased revenue, promotions are the best tool for achieving several of your strategic goals. Need even more than these 90+ ideas? Download our newly updated playbook 456 Ideas to Engage Your Audience.

It’s time to set yourself up for a spectacular 2019. Start with perfecting your email strategy and then building on all the other goals of your media companies and make this your best year yet!

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