93 Ideas for May Holidays

by Liz Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in May

Barbecue Month

stlpd grill friend

Golf Month

golf giveaway

Military Appreciation Month

  • Military History Quiz
  • Salute to Veterans Sweepstakes
  • Honoring Our Heroes Photo Contest

topeka heroes photo contest

Bike Month

  • Local Biking Spots Photo Contest
  • Battle of the Bike Gear Voting Bracket
  • BMX Tricks Video Contest
  • When Did You Learn To Ride a Bike? Poll
  • Best Local Bike Paths Ballot

Daily Holidays in May

New Home Owners Day

  • Mortgage for a Year Giveaway (turnkey available)
  • What’s On Your New-Home Wishlist? Poll
  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home? Quiz
  • chym home real estate quiz

Baby Day

WMEE Cutest Baby Contest

Firefighters’ Day

  • Favorite Firefighters’ Ballot (turnkey available)
  • Firehouse Shenanigans Video Contest
  • Firefighter History Trivia Quiz

WDSN-FM Firefighter Ballot

Cinco De Mayo

  • What Kind of Margarita are You? (turnkey available)
  • Best Place to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Poll
  • Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Giveaway
  • kclr clearo de mayo

Nail Day

  • Nail Spa Sweepstakes
  • Show Us Your Nail Art Photo Contest
  • What’s Your Spa Personality? Quiz (turnkey available)

Nail design photo contest State Journal-Register

Teacher Appreciation Day

  • Teacher of the Month Ballot(turnkey available)
  • Teacher Appreciation Day Supplies Sweepstakes
  • Classroom Makeover Photo Contest


Golf Day

Beverage Day

Mother’s Day

ky3 mothers day quiz

International Nurses Day

  • Salute to Nurses Ballot
  • Do You Have What it Takes to be a Nurse? Quiz
  • Thank a Nurse Video Contest
  • Favorite Nurses Photo Contest
  • wcpo nurse photo contest

Chocolate Chip Day

  • Chocolate Chip Recipe Contest
  • Chocolate Chip Dessert Photo Contest

chocolate chip poll

Bike to Work Day

  • Are You a Bike Master? Quiz
  • How Often do You Bike Ride? Poll
  • Win a Bicycle Sweepstakes
  • Top Bikes Voting Contest

opelika bike month sweeps

Pizza Party Day

office pizza party sweeps

Drawing Day

  • Name that Famous Artist Quiz
  • Coloring Contest Photo Contest
  • Topeka Coloring Contest

Learn to Swim Day

  • Little Swimmers Video Contest
  • What’s Your Water Safety IQ? Quiz
  • Swim Lesson Sweepstakes
  • Favorite Swim Gear Ballot

Swim School Sweepstakes

World Baking Day

  • Baking Recipe Contest
  • Best Bakers in [City] Ballot
  • Are You a Baking Expert? Quiz
  • Battle of the Bakers Voting Bracket

baking quiz

Museum Day

  • Children’s Museum Fun Photo Contest
  • Local Museum Trivia Quiz
  • Museum Ticket Sweepstakes

Memorial Day

  • Memorial Day Trivia Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What Are You Doing Memorial Day Weekend? Poll
  • Memorial Day Gas Card Giveaway

Wine Day

  • Wine Tour Sweepstakes
  • What’s Your Favorite Type of Wine Poll
  • Best Wineries Ballot
  • Test Your Wine Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)

Wine Quiz

Sunscreen Day

  • Sunscreen: Fact or Fiction? Quiz
  • Do You Wear Sunscreen? Poll

sunscreen poll

Senior Health & Fitness Day

  • Best Senior Fitness Gym in [City] Poll
  • What’s Your Senior Health IQ? Quiz

senior health quiz

Hamburger Day

  • Best Burgers in [City] Ballot
  • Say Cheese(Burger) Photo Contest
  • Best Burger Toppings Poll
  • Burgers for a Year Sweepstakes
  • Name That Burger Quiz
  • gambit burger quiz

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