106 Ideas for October Holidays

by Liz Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pizza Month

Daily Holidays in October

October 1

Coffee Day

  • Best of Coffee Ballot
  • Test Your Coffee Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Coffee Day Giveaway
  • Which Flavor Coffee Are You? Quiz

World Vegetarian Day

October 3

Boyfriend’s Day

Random Acts of Poetry Day

October 4

Vodka Day

Taco Day

  • Best of Tacos Ballot (turnkey available)
  • Win Tacos for a Year Giveaway
  • Which Taco Topping Are You? Quiz

October 5

World Teachers Day

World Smile Day

October 8

Bathtub Day

October 8

World Octopus Day

  • Trip to [City] Aquarium Giveaway
  • Which Sea Creature Are You? Quiz
  • Would You Eat Octopus? Poll

October 9

Scrubs Day

Beer and Pizza Day

October 14

Columbus Day

Dessert Day

  • Which Dessert Are You? Quiz
  • Favorite Dessert Poll
  • What Ice Cream Flavor Are You? Quiz (turnkey available)

October 15

World Students’ Day

World Food Day

Department Store Day

October 18

Chocolate Cupcake Day

  • Test Your Chocolate Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What Flavor Cupcake Are You? Quiz
  • What Dessert Are You? Quiz
  • Best Bakery in [City] Ballot
  • Chocolate Lovers Giveaway

October 20

International Chef Day

October 22

Smart is Cool Day

October 23

TV Talk Show Host Day

WXIN fox59 morning show host quiz

October 25

World Pasta Day

Greasy Food Day

  • Ultimate Greasy Foods Ballot
  • Fast Food Trivia Quiz
  • Guilty Pleasure Food Photo Contest

October 26

Pumpkin Day

  • Pumpkin Carving Photo Contest
  • Pumpkin Patch Pop Quiz
  • Pumpkin Trivia Quiz
  • Pumpkin Patch Photo Contest
  • Pumpkin Patch Family Experience Giveaway

October 29

Cat Day

Cat Quiz

October 31



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