30in30: Top Ideas for Promotions and Email

by Liz Huff Second Street


Our playbook 537 Ideas to Engage Your Audience is your ultimate planning guide and idea bank to both promotions and email. Inside, you’ll find over 500 ideas to put on your calendar.


Each year, we try to focus our 30in30 webinar on the top ideas to drive your success. When it comes to promotions and email, the possibilities are endless. Based on the successes of our 4,000+ media partners, we narrowed down all the best ideas into four categories you can apply to your strategies.

Recurring Revenue

It’s pretty easy to guarantee ‘increase revenue’ is one of your company’s top priorities. One of the best ways to increase your annual revenue is when you turn single contests into year-long initiatives. Secure a single title sponsor for the entirety of the campaign. Not only is this a time saver for your sales team, but these drive significant sponsorship revenue big enough to matter to your whole company. Check out our complete guide to recurring revenue here for more info!


Time after time ballots prove themselves to be big revenue generators and even bigger database builders. Start with maximizing your citywide ballot following these steps to turning it into six-figure revenue. And while you NEED to run a citywide ballot, you should also be incorporating niche and advertiser ballots to tap into the benefits all year long.

Database Growth

A strategy for database growth needs to be more robust than just adding an opt-in to your contests. When you have a robust, powerful database, you can open doors to consumer revenue and richer engagement with your audience. By creating meaningful, relevant messages, your audience will be eager to open your emails and interact with your content.

Advertiser Lead-Gen Campaigns

If you want to increase your revenue, you need to diversify where your revenue comes from. If you’re always going back to the same advertisers, it can be difficult to grow. Train your team on how to create custom lead-gen campaigns for any advertiser. These campaigns drive measurable results for your advertisers which means any business in your market is within your grasp.

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