30in30: Top Ideas to Engage Your Audience

by Julie Foley Second Street


Our playbook 456 Ideas to Engage Your Audience is your ultimate planning guide and idea bank to promotions. Inside, you’ll find over 450 ideas to put on your calendar.


Use Turnkeys to Make Your Life Easier

Turnkeys are contests and interactive content already created and ready for you to run or customize for your site. We have a huge library of over 550+ turnkey campaigns to make the creating and selling process so much simpler. Looking to land a potential new sales lead, create a turnkey spec just for them, bring it on your sales call, and land that next deal.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

No matter the goals you are looking to achieve, it all starts with a plan. Having an annual goal for database growth or increasing revenue is much easier to achieve when you’ve laid out your entire year, month-by-month. Plus, you’ll set everyone on your team up for success when they know what’s coming and have ample time to prepare.

Our downloadable Planning Calendar & Revenue Tracker is an excellent tool for laying our your ideas, predicting and tracking revenue, and monitoring your database growth.


Fill Your Calendar with Variety

While you may have found success with a sweepstakes or quiz, don’t get locked into creating the same type of campaigns over and over again. Different campaigns excel at achieving different goals. Make sure that you’re leveraging every tool in your wheelhouse to make this year, the best yet.

Benefits of Promotions Chart

Design Promotions to Reach Your Goals

Whether you would like to know which high school football game you should cover this week or you’re working with an advertiser who’s hoping to find leads looking to buy a car, customize your promotions to deliver more value on each campaign.

By including survey questions and email opt-ins, you can optimize every campaign to produce big results. In our Seller’s Guide, you’ll find custom campaign ideas, opt-ins, survey questions and more for over forty top advertising categories.

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