Quiz Bundle an A+ for Math Tutor

by Kristen Wehe Second Street

Case Study Highlights

  • 25 people asked to be contacted by tutor
  • 160+ opt-ins for sponsor
  • $3,000 revenue for station

The Idea

Radio station KPWJ-FM in College Station, TX had been working with Mathnasium: The Math Learning Center. Previously, the math tutoring center had been running an on-air campaign, but not seeing the results they’d hoped for, were considering pulling their buy with the station. KPWJ knew they had only one more shot to show the sponsor they could get them qualified leads.

The Execution

The station decided to pitch the idea of a quiz bundle. The Mathnasium was interested in targeting area parents whose students could benefit from a math tutor. KPWJ thought there was no better way to remind parents how tough grade school math classes were than by creating quizzes based on real questions from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math tests.

KPWJ Math Quiz

To help increase participation in the quiz, the station encouraged the sponsor to offer a prize to a random user. All quiz participants were entered in for a chance to win a free semester of tutoring services (valued at over $1,000).

KPWJ Math Quiz Prize

KPWJ included a survey question specifically asking if users would like to be contacted by the Mathnasium to develop a list of hot, qualified leads. They also included an email opt-in asking for users to join the sponsor’s database to get discounts and special offers.

kpwj math quiz survey questions

While they shared the quiz and contest on-air, KPWJ also announced the quizzes with an email to their database.

The Results

The quizzes identified 25 people who asked to be contacted by Mathnasium about enrolling their children in tutoring services. The sponsor was also able to add over 160 new addresses to their email database.

This was also a big win for KPWJ. Not only did the quiz bundle secure $3,000 in sponsorship revenue for the station, the because of the success of the promotion, Mathnasium increased their spot buy and added a digital package.

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