19 Must-Read Pieces of 2019

by Kristen Wehe Second Street

Getting Started with Recurring-Revenue Campaigns

While your station or publication has a lot of goals, but increasing your revenue is near the top of your list. In this webinar, we shared a strategy for not only simplifying your sales process, but also for driving revenue month after month.

Getting Started with Recurring-Revenue Campaigns

Teacher Contest Drives Recurring Revenue + 63% Opt-In

KIDK-TV’s Teacher of the Month contest highlights standout teachers and continuously grows their database. The campaign earned a 63% opt-in rate, created great on-air content, and secured sponsorship revenue month after month.


Top Advertiser Promotions Sales One-Sheets

Whether you’re creating your very first promotion or you’re a veteran, building the perfect package and pricing it correctly takes a bit of practice. We’ve put together sample one-sheets for some of our top promotions tailored to fit each of your industries. Download your kit now!

advertiser one-sheet downloadables

Birthday Club Best Practices Guide

Birthday club email campaigns – those emails that wish subscribers a happy birthday – are a win-win-win opportunity for your media company. Check out this download full of best practices for creating a birthday club email campaign.

best practices for birthday clubs

Eyecare Quiz Bundle Brings in $250K for Advertiser

Utilizing a turnkey quiz, Seacoast Media Group created a custom three-quiz bundle for their eyecare advertiser. The three-month campaign drove huge engagement and revenue for both the publication and advertiser.

seacoast media eyecare quiz

How to Optimize Your Citywide Ballot for Maximum Revenue

In this webinar, we show you how to maximize every element of your ballot process for maximum revenue potential and provide you the steps you need to grow your ballot revenue year over year. We were joined by Vince Johnson of The Sumter Item. He’ll share his secrets to how he’s increased their ballot revenue by 750% in just two years!

ballot webinar the sumter item

15-Month Contest Secures $37K from Children’s Hospital

St. Louis Magazine created an Incredible Kids photo contest to engage their readers and drive revenue month after month. They secured a local children’s hospital to sponsor the recurring revenue campaign for 15 months which led to substantial revenue and huge database growth.

Photo contest from STL Magazine

10th Annual Second Street Award Winners

This spring, we announced our 10th Annual Second Street Awards where we honored our biggest and brightest success stories from over 4,000 media partners. With 26 categories, we shared the top promotions and email stories of the previous year. This year’s contenders brought the toughest competition we’ve seen in the last decade – making our job of choosing winners both challenging and rewarding.

10th annual secondstreet awards

Pop-Up Newsletter Drives Massive List Growth, 53% Open Rate

The Anchorage Daily News ran a limited series of newsletters surrounding one of the state’s biggest events, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The pop-up newsletter series included unique stories and images/video from the trail that none of their competitors would have. It drove huge engagement – in just one month their email database increased 264%!
iditarod trail newsletter

167 Prize Ideas for Every Audience You Want to Reach

To get the most participation out of your promotion, it’s vital to select the right prize. The prize you pick needs to be valuable and relevant to the specific audience you’re wanting to grow. Need some ideas? We’ve gathered over 160 prize ideas perfect for targeting just about any audience!

photo contest the Great Paveoff

Station Drives $50K with Email Birthday Club

WGN-TV uses unique content from their on-air talent and exclusive advertiser offers to create a wonderfully unique birthday club campaign. They also run an ongoing sweepstakes with big prizes to draw opt-ins from their audience. So far the campaign has earned a 56% opt-in rate and over $50,000 in revenue for the station!

WGN TV Birthday Club

Recurring Revenue from Multi-Month Campaigns

Campaigns running at least nine months create a powerful opportunity for your media company to generate significant revenue month after month. Because of the set-it-and-forget-it nature of these campaigns, you can sell them once and watch the revenue stream in each month.

cute baby of the month KVEW

Small-Market Best-Of Ballot Updates Drive 5X Revenue

Small-market paper The Sumter Item updated their annual Readers’ Choice ballot and saw a huge increase in both revenue and engagement. Not only did they grow their votes by more than 10X, but they also increased their revenue by more than 5X in the 18th year of their ballot program.

best of sumter from sumter item

5 Ideas for Digital Subscriber Retention

To keep your audience engaged and coming back, you need to focus on the customer journey. You want to move them from being a casual audience member to a paid subscriber to an advocate. We’ve put together five ideas to encourage and speed your audience through their customer journey.


Monthly Travel Sweeps Leads to $400K in 4 Years

HOT 96.9 out of Boston runs a monthly vacation sweepstakes with sponsor Dunkin Donuts. They give their audience a chance to escape the cold with a trip to a ‘hot’ location. This recurring revenue campaign drove an 80% opt-in rate for station and over $400,000!

hot spots vacation sweepstakes

10 Food Franchises to Target for Your Promotions

Locally owned franchises are great prospects for promotion sponsorships! No matter the size of your market, these franchises are looking to get in front of your audience and stay top of mind. We found 10 franchises sponsoring promotions with local media companies of all sizes.

Hardee's promotions

7 Niche Ballots to Expand Beyond Your Citywide Ballot

Creating a year-round ballot strategy means putting a focus on niche ballots alongside your Best Of. Niche ballots appeal to specific demographics you want to target, align perfectly with your events and special programming, and are ideal for your content and editorial teams. Find out how to expand beyond your citywide, Best Of ballot with this webinar.

7 Niche Ballots to Expand Beyond Your citywide ballot

8 Fantastic Ideas for Recurring-Revenue Campaigns

Recurring-revenue campaigns are a great way to promote community engagement and database growth. Check out these eight ideas for recurring-revenue campaigns which are sure to be a hit with your audience and advertisers.

Desert Sky Cute Baby of the Month | KVEW-TV

4 End-of-Decade Promotions to Run Right Now

Last but not least, the chance to engage your readers with end-of-decade promotions only comes once every ten years – don’t miss out!

decade in review mock up
Hopefully this list inspires your team for big 2020 success incorporating recurring revenue campaigns with established initiatives or expanding your Best-Of campaign into an year-round ballot strategy. Make 2020 the year you drive more audience engagement and revenue than ever before.

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