8 Fantastic Ideas for Recurring-Revenue Campaigns

by Liz Huff Second Street

Athlete of the Month

Highlighting high school sports and their athletes is always a hit with the community. But this is also a big hit with advertisers who love the opportunity to show their involvement with local sports teams. Read how the Times Herald-Record‘s year-long Scholar Athlete Photo Contest brought in $60,000 in revenue for the paper.

Athlete scholar of the month


Monthly-Themed Kids Photo Contests

From Halloween costumes and back-to-school pics to biggest messes and cutest kids, photo contests are a great way to engage your audience all year. For more kids photo contest ideas, check out this list of 148 photo contests for inspiration!

scared of the easter bunny


Amazing Kids

If kids contests work well in your market, try highlighting local athletes, exceptional students, or kids making an impact on their community. These always get tons of votes (and opt-ins!) as family and friends campaign for their favorite.

River Valley's amazing kids


Hometown Heroes

Use a ballot or photo contest to encourage your audience to honor local heroes like first responders, veterans, or active service members, doctors and volunteers. Advertisers will love the chance to sponsor your contest as it aligns them with goodwill in the community.

hometown heroes Capital Journal


Grocery Giveaway

Groceries are a perfect year-round prize – everyone always needs groceries! Look to grocery stores, farmer’s markets, or specialty food stores like meat markets, delis, and bakeries for sponsorships.

Sweepstakes are Great for Grocery

Teacher of the Month

Honor local teachers with a Teacher of the Month contest. Similar to others on this list, these goodwill contests are perfect for local advertisers. Check out our case study on the success of KIDK’s Teacher of the Month ballot!



Monthly-Themed Pet Photo Contests

Ask your audience to share photos of their cat in a costume, the carpet damage from a new puppy, or just their favorite pic of their fur-baby. People are passionate about their pets and will campaign for their four-legged friend to win.

Pet vs. Furniture Photo Contest wcax


Birthday Emails

Utilize the ease of Birthday Emails to connect with your audience on their special day. Partner with local businesses to provide coupons for attractions, spas, or restaurants. We’ve shared some of the best email campaigns from 2018 for inspiration!

aberdeen birthday email signup

Try one of these recurring-revenue campaign ideas for a great way to engage your audience and drive sponsorship revenue. Plus, check out our article showing you how to get started with recurring-revenue campaigns to learn how to drive big revenue with these recurring promotions.

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