167 Prize Ideas for Every Audience You Want to Reach

by Liz Huff Second Street

Arts, Music, and Photography

  • Tickets to your upcoming events
  • VIP Tickets to Regional Art Shows
  • Art Show Spending Vouchers
  • Artwork Printed on Merchandise
  • Digital Exhibition on Your Site
  • Work Featured on Cover
  • Photography classes
  • Recording Studio Equipment
  • Art Studio Equipment
  • High-end video/camera equipment
  • Recording Studio Session
  • High-End Band Equipment
  • Meet-the-Artist Experiences
  • Trip to Music Awards Show

Automotive and Motorcycles

  • Vehicle Featured in Print or Website
  • Detailing and Cleaning Services
  • Seasonal, Weather-Related Accessories
  • Gas for a Year
  • High-End Parts or Accessories
  • Exclusive Automotive Experiences
  • Garage/Workshop Makeovers
  • Meet-and-Greet Experiences
  • Trip to Car and Auto Shows
  • Exclusive Guided Motorcycle Tours
  • Ultimate Car Racing Fan Experience
  • Trip to Major Auto or Motorcycle Race
  • New Car or Motorcycle

Food & Drinks

  • Cookbooks
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Specialty Grocery Gift Cards
  • Tickets to Food & Drink Festivals
  • Food or Beverage Subscription Service
  • Professional Cooking Lessons
  • Home Brewing Equipment
  • High-End Bar Accessories and Glasses
  • Professional Culinary Supplies
  • Exclusive Tasting Event
  • Home Bar Makeover
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • Celebrity Chef Meet-and-Greet
  • Brewery, Winery, or Distillery Tours
  • Culinary Experience Vacation

Crafts and Hobbies

  • Tickets to Craft or Hobbyist Event
  • Entrant Featured in Print or Website
  • Craft Store Retailer Gift Card
  • Hobby Shop Gift Card
  • High-End Tools and Supplies

Parenting and Families

  • Family Pack of Tickets to Attraction
  • Museum, Zoo, Attraction Memberships
  • Entrant’s Photo Featured on Cover
  • Children’s Apparel Retailer Gift Card
  • Year of School Uniforms
  • Back-to-School Prize Pack
  • Catered Graduation Party
  • Home/Car Cleaning Services
  • Baby Proofing Services
  • High-End Baby Products (stroller, car seat, etc.)
  • Top-Rated Products of the Year Bundle
  • Family Photography Session
  • Summer Camp Vouchers
  • Tutoring Services
  • Daycare for a Year
  • Tuition for a Year
  • Family Vacation

Pets and Animals

  • Pet Retailer Gift Card
  • Photo Featured on Cover
  • Grooming Voucher
  • Pet Food for a Year
  • High-End Products and Supplies
  • Boarding and Daycare Voucher
  • Behind-the-Scenes Zoo Experience
  • Exclusive Animal Habitat Trip

Entertainment and Pop Culture

  • Bundle of Movies, TV, or Games
  • Exclusive Tickets to Movie Screenings
  • Fan Merchandise
  • Tickets to Concert
  • Online Game Credits Gift Card
  • Game Retailer Gift Card
  • Entertainment Retailer Gift Card
  • Exclusive, Collectible Memorabilia
  • Behind-the-Scenes Set Tours
  • Exclusive, Limited Edition Games
  • VIP Backstage Passes to Concert
  • Red Carpet Premiere Experiences
  • Meet-the-Celebrity Experiences
  • Trip to Conventions
  • Excursions to Filming Location or Destination
  • Trip to Movies, Music, or TV Awards Shows

Fashion and Style

  • Hair and Beauty Products Bundle
  • Salon and Spa Treatments
  • Personal Photoshoot
  • Complete New Wardrobe
  • Head-to-Toe Personal Makeover
  • Celebrity Stylist Appointment
  • Trip to Fashion Show

Health, Fitness, and Wellness

  • Electronic Fitness Tracker
  • Subscription to Meal Kit Services
  • Gym Memberships for a Year
  • Grocery Store Gift Card
  • Massage Treatments
  • Healthy Cooking Lessons
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Cosmetic Treatments
  • Complete New Wardrobe
  • Home Gym Makeover

Home and Garden

  • Tickets to Home Show
  • Tickets to Regional Botanical Gardens
  • Entrant’s Home Featured in Print or Website
  • Home Improvement Retailer Gift Card
  • Tour of Regional Historic Homes
  • Bedroom/Living Room/Dining Room Furniture Set
  • Outdoor Furniture and Accessories
  • High-End Appliances and Electronics
  • Grill and Patio Makeover
  • Consultations with Interior Designer
  • Upgraded Windows and Doors
  • Kitchen/Bedroom/Bathroom Remodel
  • Yard and Garden Makeover
  • Famous Homes Destination Vacation Giveaway

History and Science

  • Entrant’s Submission Published in Print or Website
  • Exclusive Tours of Scientific Facilities
  • Historical, Collectible Memorabilia
  • Funding Towards Entrant’s Project/Initiative
  • VIP Tours of Historical Destinations

Outdoors and Nature

  • Outdoor Survival Kit
  • Electronic GPS Systems
  • Outdoor Retailer Gift Card
  • High-End Camping Gear
  • One-Year Boat Transport Services
  • Storm Shelters
  • Professional Camera Equipment
  • Exclusive Guided Hunting Trips
  • Luxury Fishing Resort Trip
  • Vacations to National Parks
  • Ultimate Backpacking Trip Getaway
  • Vehicle for Off-Roading or Towing

Outdoors and Nature

  • Catered Big Game Party
  • Electronic Fitness Equipment
  • Sports Retailer Gift Card
  • Gym Memberships for a Year
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Gym and Training Equipment
  • Tickets to Regional Sporting Events
  • Tickets to Major Sporting Events
  • Total Fan Merchandise Makeover
  • Home Gym Makeover
  • VIP Fan Experiences
  • Celebrity Athlete Meet-and-Greet
  • Luxury Golf Getaway
  • Ultimate Fan Experience Getaway


  • Remote-Controlled Drones, Cameras, Vehicles
  • Funding Towards Entrant’s Project/Initiative
  • Electronics Retailer Gift Card
  • High-End Computer Accessories
  • Industrial-Grade Printers, Scanners, 3D Printers


  • Tickets to Regional Attractions
  • Tickets to Regional Fairs and Festivals
  • Rental Car Vouchers
  • Meal Tickets and Vouchers
  • Airline Vouchers
  • Luxury Hotel Stay
  • Ultimate [Destination Name] Tourist Package

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