How to Optimize Your Citywide Ballot for Maximum Revenue

by Julie Foley Second Street

Start With This…

Our Citywide Ballot Best Practices Guide is your one-stop shop for all things you need to know about citywide ballots. From which elements you should sell, how long each phase should be, tips for promoting, and even how to optimize a post-ballot winners’ event, this is a must-have download!

Key Takeaways

1. Develop a Robust Sales Strategy
To drive the most revenue from your ballot, you need a robust sales strategy. This doesn’t just mean creating good sales packages – your sales strategy is much more than that. You need to start with an organized sales kickoff and designated incentives. You need a marketing strategy. Work as a team to develop a plan around prospecting current, past, and new clients. Plus, talk figure out a game plan to tackle the most common ballot objections before you get them.

2. Establish a 30% Revenue Growth Plan
A successful ballot isn’t stagnant. It should have continuous, steady growth year after year. Set a goal to increase your ballot revenue by 30% each year. Some years may lend themselves to higher revenue whether you add more resources, categories, or can capitalize on an anniversary or milestone year, but 30% should be your standard increase. Don’t let that big number overwhelm you, divide up that 30% increase across your sales team and across each phase and area of your ballot to make it more manageable.

3. Make This a Yearlong Celebration
Your citywide ballot isn’t just important to your company. It should become a pillar of your community. It’s important to drive excitement and awareness of your Best Of brand all year long. Not only does this keep it relevant to your target audience, but it grows your database of interested participants. The more people you have participating in your ballot, the more valuable your ballot sponsorship packages become, and the more revenue your citywide ballot brings.

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