How to Maximize Promotions Revenue in the Back Half of the Year

by Matt Hummert Second Street

Don’t let your revenue hit a slump in the second half of the year. We’ve crafted a plan for you to hit $200K from July through December. Use these proven tactics, advertisers to target, packages, and more to smash your goals!

National Sweepstakes

There are two National Sweepstakes that you can take advantage of in the back half of the year. They are included in your Second Street license, we provide the big cash prize, and they are fully customizable – what more could you ask for!

Bundle the Q3 and Q4 National Sweepstakes and secure one sponsor for both. Take a look below at the top advertisers to target:

Make sure to include a multi-media package – your core media, online, social, and email. Check out our National Sweepstakes Kit for sample packages!

Football Promotions

The football season runs for the majority of the back half of the year (and into the new year), providing both you and your sponsor with a 6 month long opportunity. Football promotions will target multiple audiences and demographics that many advertisers want to reach.

You can tie in football promotions with many of your existing initiatives like high school sports, sports newsletter, special sections, and more. When creating your package, include your multi-media offerings and bundle multiple types of football promotions:

  • ProFootball National Contest
  • Sunday Night Match-Up Quizzes
  • Ticket Giveaway Sweepstakes
  • Football Fan Photo Contest

Check out our sample packages more ideas in our Football Playbook!

Recurring Revenue

We know some of you are working with few resources and small teams, so focusing on recurring revenue allows you to secure more money with less lift. It creates a full pipeline of leads for your sponsors, you’re constantly gathering audience data and opt-ins for both you and your sponsors, and your sponsors receive recurring exposure and consistent branding.

There are two type of recurring revenue:

  • ‘Of the Month’
  • Advertiser Lead-Gen

‘Of the Month’

When focusing specifically on the back half of the year, the ‘Of the Month’ recurring revenue campaigns to target are:

Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month campaigns compliment football and fall sports, appeal to a broad audience, and can be run almost all year.

Teacher of the Month

The start of school is right around the corner and Teacher of the Month is a feel-good promotion that many sponsors will want to be a part of. They can gain monthly exposure while also aligning their business with advocating for educators and the community.

Kid/Pet of the Month

Everyone wants to celebrate their kids and pets! And there are plenty of holidays and seasonal themes to incorporate in the back half of the year like back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Advertiser Lead-Gen

We’re here to tell you – stop selling one-off campaigns! Instead, create custom advertiser campaigns that are based on your advertisers’ specific profit centers or sales cycles.

For a service or retail advertiser, bundle 2 sweepstakes and a quiz that are themed to fall and winter services they provide or products they sell. If you have a grocery advertiser, run monthly sweepstakes themed to the season like summer shopping spree, back to school, or holiday giveaway.

Your 6 Month Plan

Focusing on these 3 areas – National Sweepstakes, Football Promotions, and Recurring Revenue – you can potentially drive $200,000 in the back half of the year!