4 End-of-Decade Promotions to Run Right Now

by Liz Huff Second Street


Celebrate the end of the decade with a sweepstakes! Try prize packages such as a decade of chart topping albums, every version of smart phone that was released in the last ten years, or a catered end-of-the-decade party.

End-of-decade party sweepstakes

Photo/Video Contests

At the end of the decade there is a big social media trend to post photos showing you now and you 10 years ago – try capitalizing on that craze! Or use this opportunity to engage your biggest fans. Ask your audience to share photos of older editions of your newspaper, station-sponsored concerts, or how technology has affected how they engage with your brand over the decade and seed with your own throwback photos.

End of decade photo contest decade of concerts


Use a quiz to test your audiences’ knowledge of the biggest pop culture moments, political scandals, movie awards, or sports wins of the decade. Or try a whole series of quizzes, like “how much do you know about the decade you were born?”, for example.

Mockup of end-of-decade trivia quiz



There are several ballot opportunities for year-in-review! Try a big Best-of covering news, weather, sports, and entertainment. These are a great way to repurpose your decade of content. You can also engage your audience with a niche ballot based on the specific topics like top movies, artists, and athletes of the decade.

decade in review mock up

The end of the decade is a prime opportunity to engage your audience! For more promotions ideas, check out our playbook of 537 promotions ideas!

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