3 Ideas to Increase Your January Revenue

by Liz Huff Second Street

Advertisers to Target for January

From gyms to healthcare, you can find tons of advertisers looking to be a part of your January engagement campaigns. Here are two important advertising categories to reach out to as you start planning your January engagement campaigns.

Gyms & Fitness RetailHealthcare
Exercise ProgramsClinics
Studios (Yoga, Spin, CrossFit, etc.)Urgent Care Facilities
Local Chains & FranchisesDentists & Orthodontics
Athletic Apparel StoresHospitals
Sporting Goods StoresHearing Centers
Niche GymsLasik
Outdoor Boot CampsCosmetic Surgeons
Custom Training ProgramsWeight-Loss Programs

Top Ideas for January

Photo Contests

If you have an advertiser looking for brand awareness, a photo contest can be the perfect opportunity for them as they drive tons of pageviews and users come back time and time again to place votes.

WPXY-FM’s Cutest Baby Contest was sponsored by a local health insurance provider and a family-friendly resort. With a month-long submission period and a month-long voting period, the contest drove a ton of engagement. Nearly 1,000 photos were entered in the contest, and they received 16 million (yes, million!) votes. Plus, WPXY made $5,000 in revenue.


The New Year, New You photo contest by WPSD-TV was sponsored by a boutique, a gym, and a salon & spa. One lucky winner would receive a full body makeover including a gym membership, personal training sessions, a $750 wardrobe shopping spree, and a $250 spa service. The contest collected over 460 email addresses for the sponsors.



Quizzes are optimized for sharing on social media and can draw tons of engagement.

Play It Again Sports was looking for an opportunity to collect emails and gather consumer insight. KY3-TV worked with them to create a great fitness-themed quiz including three specific survey questions. Not only did the contest earn KY3 $1,000 in revenue, but it generated 371 emails for the sponsor and identified over 300 people in the market for second hand exercise equipment.


Sponsored by a local auto dealer, this New Year’s Resolution quiz by KCLR-FM was a big hit for the sponsor generating 17 leads looking to buy a new car within the next 2 months. Plus, this was a turnkey quiz, so it took almost no time for KCLR to put the whole campaign together.



Getting in shape isn’t cheap, so sweepstakes for exercise equipment and gym memberships are a big hit this time of year.

WTVF-TV’s New Year, New You sweepstakes was sponsored by Nutri-Most, a local weight loss facility. The prize was an electronic fitness tracker. More than 1,000 people entered the contest and the sponsor was able to add 463 addresses to the email database.


Sponsored by a local running store, the New Year, New Gear Giveaway from the Forsyth County News was giving away a full running makeover valued at over $200. Plus, everyone who entered received a coupon for a discount at the store.


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