Wedding Ring Ballot Identifies Highly Engaged Audience

by Megan Black Second Street

Case Study Highlights

  • 500+ opt-ins & hot leads for sponsor
  • 700+ opt-ins for station
  • $4,000 revenue for station

The Idea

Radio station WMEE-FM was working with a local jewelry store, Rogers & Hollands. The store was preparing to host their Bridal Extravaganza – an in-store, three-day event showcasing hundreds of new ring styles and offering 60% off for all purchases made.

After talking with the sponsor, the station discovered it was most important for the store to identify people in the community who were actively in the market for wedding rings, so they could let them know about their upcoming event.

The Execution

WMEE came up with the creative idea for a ballot featuring three of the new ring styles from the jeweler. Users would be able to pick their favorite ring style – great data for the jeweler to know which styles were most popular.

wmee jewelry ballot

While a prize always helps bring in more entries, WMEE wanted to guarantee these were qualified entrants interested in wedding rings. So what better prize than one of the wedding rings on the ballot? The jeweler offered the ring of her choice (a $2,500 value) to one lucky grand prize winner.

wmee jewelry ballot entry

While the sponsor’s event was clearly displayed in the branding of the ballot, WMEE also included an opt-in for Rogers & Hollands. This way the jeweler could reach out to prospective customers about their event as it got closer.

wmee jewelry ballot opt-in

To encourage participation, WMEE discussed the event and the ballot on-air. They also shared it on social media to create buzz about the contest and their upcoming event.

wmee ring ballot facebook

The Results

The ballot ran for the two weeks leading up to the Bridal Extravaganza. Nearly 1,000 people entered the contest, and more than 500 signed up to join the jeweler’s email database. They considered all of these highly “engaged” users. The whole campaign brought in $4,000 in sponsorship revenue for WMEE-FM and also grew their own database by over 700 new addresses.

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