5 Ideas to Increase Your September Revenue

by Liz Huff Second Street

Advertisers to Target for September

Many advertisers love the chance to be a part of football-themed interactive content and promotions. Here are three advertising categories you want to be sure to reach out to as you start planning your football campaigns.

Utilities and HVACAutomotive
Cable and Internet ProvidersDealerships
Gas and ElectricService Departments
HVAC InstallationRepair Shops and Mechanics
Home InspectorsDealer Associations
HVAC Service and RepairAftermarket Retailers
Tire Retailers

Top Ideas for September

Submission Contests

Whether you’re looking for the cutest little football player or the biggest fan spirit, these contests drive tons of entries and lots of pageviews.

The Texarkana Gazette ran this adorable photo contest looking for the Cutest Lil’ Football Fan and sponsored by five different advertisers. The contest received over 10,000 votes.



With a valuable prize like luxury tailgating supplies or a backyard makeover, these contests drive huge engagement numbers, and collect lots of email addresses.

Inside Columbia Magazine created this popular tailgating sweepstakes with the prize of a luxury cooler filled with beer and meat. The contest collected over 1,200 email addresses for their sponsor, the Missouri Beef Council.



Football-themed quizzes are an especially great way to tap into your audience’s fan passion and use it to drive audience engagement and advertiser revenue. We have a library of turnkey quizzes that are ready-made for your local media company to run this season.

The “Test Your Green and Gold Knowledge” trivia quiz was created by WSSP-FM. The quiz was part of Wendy’s annual buy of over $100,000.


Voting Brackets

Voting-brackets let your audience vote for their favorites in a round-by-round contest, which drives huge website traffic. That increased traffic and engagement creates tons of great opportunities to provide measurable results for advertisers. For football, topics such as tailgating snacks or fan-favorite players are a sure-fire way to score big advertiser revenue this season.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch asked their readers to vote for their favorite local baseball player of all time with bracket challenge. They paper secured a local butcher shop to sponsor the bracket, which was a great way to drive revenue as well as engagement from local sports fans. They utilized lead-generation questions to collect valuable consumer information to provide the advertiser with a list of leads!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch STL Sports Showdown Bracket


Season-long pick’ems for pro, college, or high school football offer extended branding opportunities for advertisers throughout the duration of the season.

For sports station KKFN-FM “The Fan,” running a pro football pick’em has been a great way to involve their radio personalities and connect with their listeners – They’re bringing in over 10,000 users every year. Sponsored by a local sports bar and a beer distributor, they earned over $20,000 in revenue.

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