Racing’s Back! 3 Ideas to Fuel Engagement

by Julie Foley Second Street


Looking for a fun and creative way to engage your audience? Auto racing-themed quizzes are perfect for engaging both the diehard enthusiasts and the casual fan alike, and you can change your quizzes up every couple of weeks to target different audiences. With an email opt-in on the registration form, you can grow your or your advertiser’s database. Consider bundling multiple quizzes together to sell to one advertiser at a premium cost.

Auto racing-themed quizzes


A sweepstakes with a valuable prize is a perfect way to tap into this big audience. While fans may not be able to attend this year, offering ticket packages for next year’s races will be a popular item. Prizes don’t have to cost a lot of money either. VIP tours of the tracks and meet-and-greets with drivers offer a ton of value without a huge price tag.

Win a Fan Bundle of Auto Racing Gear

Photo Contests

Engage with diehard fans when you run a photo contest looking for the biggest auto racing fans or a creative “Show Us Your Race Day Face!” Passionate fans will appreciate a chance to show off their enthusiasm. That said, incentivizing with a great prize like valuable memorabilia or high-end merchandise will drive in more participation. (Short on time? We’ve got auto racing turnkeys you can run right now!)

Pocono auto racing fan photo contest

Don’t get left in the dust! Auto racing is back and now’s the perfect time to engage your audience and grow your advertising partnerships.

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Julie Foley Second Street

Julie is the Senior Customer Success Manager at Second Street and a former client in local media. Her best advice for driving the most success with your revenue and audience engagement strategy is to include promotions in every business initiative.