8 Football Quizzes to Use All-Season Long

by Julie Foley Second Street

Which Football Position Should You Play? – The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Richmond Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia created the “Which Football Position Should You Play?” quiz to promote the Richmond Roughriders, a local arena-league football team. They showcased multiple prizes, including four VIP tickets and a stadium tour with the Roughriders mascot. All of these great prizes encouraged over 700 people to complete the quiz and 270 to opt-in to the paper’s database.

richmond roughriders quiz

What Kind of Football Fan Are You? The Best or a Pest? – KCLR-FM

KCLR-FM from Columbia, MO teamed up with an exterminator to present their audience with a Football Fan Personality Quiz. They offered multiple prizes, including two tickets to a local college football game, $100 gift card to a local discount foods store, and football-themed swag branded with the pest control company’s logo. Their quiz brought in over 400 entries and by including survey questions and an opt-in for the exterminator, drove over 75 leads and $9,000 for the pest control company. Read the full case study here.

KCLR best or pest quiz

Which Famous Pro Quarterback Are You? – Greeley Tribune

The Greeley Tribune offered an awesome football prize pack from Greeley Subaru for the winner of the “Which Famous Pro Quarterback Are You?” quiz. They were able to secure a 78% opt-in rate for the paper’s database and identified nine users looking to buy a new car within the next 12 months – great leads for the auto dealer. And to make things even easier, this quiz was customized from a ready-to-run turnkey, so it could be up and running in just a few minutes.

Tribune pro quarterback quiz

Can We Guess Your Tailgate Personality? – Florida Times-Union

Florida Times-Union puts a fun spin on football as they try to guess participant’s tailgate personalities. With the help of Facebook, this quiz brought in almost 300 entries and 40 opt-ins for the paper.

Florida times union tailgate quiz

Which Ultimate Summer Tailgater Are You? – WKLB-FM

WKLB-FM teamed up with a grocery store to promote this “Which Ultimate Summer Tailgater Are You?” quiz. They promoted this quiz on Facebook which helped bring in almost 200 entries. Over 70 participants opted into the Seasons Corner Market. By offering a $100 gift card from their sponsor, WKLB-FM added over 100 opt-ins to their VIP Email Newsletters.

WKLB ultimate quiz

Can You Pass this Ludicrously Difficult Tech Football Quiz? – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Journal-Constitution secured a travel as the sponsor for their quiz, “Can You Pass the Hardest Tech Quiz Ever?” The quiz included a sweepstakes giving away tickets to Ireland for the 2016 Aer Lingus College Football Classic to one lucky quiz entrant. They promoted this quiz through email and on Facebook, driving more than 9,500 entries.


Are You the Best Peyton Manning Fan? – WXIN-TV

Viewers of WXIN-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana obsess over the Indianapolis Colts, so this “Are You the Best Peyton Manning Fan?” quiz was bound to be a success. Colts fans are passionate about their team and take pride in knowing the details about their favorite players. To encourage participation, the station offered tickets to a Colts home game for the winner. The quiz brought in 2,260 entries.

WXIN peyton manning quiz

Patriots Super Bowl History – WEEI-FM

WEEI-FM in Boston, Massachusetts got their audience excited with a Patriots Super Bowl History quiz. The station was looking for opportunities to help grow their Patriots email newsletter. Over 2,000 people participated in the quiz for the chance to win a $50 gift card to a local restaurant. This creative quiz resulted in adding over 500 new email addresses to their Patriots email newsletter.

WEEI patriots quiz

You can create quizzes to tap into the passion of high school, college, or the pro football teams in your community. With the versatility of a quiz, you can attract both the casual and diehard fans. Plus, the popularity of football means its a sponsorship fit for just about any advertiser in your market.

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