How Promotions Help TV Retain Core Advertisers During the 2016 Election

by Liz Huff Second Street

Digital Promotions are the Solution

Since broadcast advertising spots are competitive during this season, leverage digital promotions that don’t use your on-air inventory. For your core advertisers – like automotive, financial, healthcare – consider these types of promotions:

  • Football Pick’Em
  • Sweepstakes
  • Seasonal Photo Contest
  • Advertiser Quiz Bundles

The opportunity to market these online campaigns goes far beyond your spot inventory. Use your massive social presence, on-air personalities, advertiser-friendly programming, digital components (online ads, special sections, and special programming), and your extensive email database.

  1. Football Pick’em
    Being a sponsor for a football pick’em contest could be a great solution for an automotive dealer or sports bar. Encourage them to utilize their personalities as VIP pickers.


  2. Sweepstakes
    A sweepstakes where the prize is tickets to a big game or event, a dream vacation, or even a prize centered around a holiday, could hook a wide audience and collect new emails for your advertiser’s database.


  3. Seasonal Photo Contest
    A holiday photo submission contest like a “Cutest Trick or Treater” or “Best Pet Costume,” has high shareability on social media and will be a huge hit with your community.


  4. Advertiser Quiz Bundles
    Another highly engaging idea is a bundle of advertiser quizzes that is themed around the advertiser’s business. Add on a couple specific survey questions to collect actionable data about your advertiser’s potential customers.




It’s Time to Plan Now

Even though it’s almost a year out, your advertisers are already planning their annual spending for the fall months of 2016. Now it the time to start planning with your advertisers for 2016 to keep them engaged throughout the year and during the political season.

To get you started, we’ve put together a couple sample annual buy calendars from some major advertising categories.

Automotive Dealer



Healthcare Annual Buy Calendar Suggestions

Financial Services


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