8 Bracket Ideas for the 2021 Football Season

by Liz Huff Second Street

Stadium Food Faceoff

St. Louis Post-Dispatch used this favorite foods bracket to connect with their sports audience. All sports fans have their favorites, and this was a fantastic way to engage these fans at any point during the season.

Stadium Food Faceoff St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Greatest Halftime Performance

Halftime performances are a huge part of the fun of football season fun! You can run this ready-made turnkey to engage your audience.

Greatest Halftime Performance

Top Tailgate Party Recipe

For some, the best thing about football isn’t the game – it’s the food. This turnkey bracket gives your audience the opportunity to voice their opinions on the top tailgate recipe and even learn about some new ones.

Top Tailgate Party Recipe turnkey

Sports Showdown

This bracket from St. Louis Post-Dispatch asked readers to vote for their favorite baseball player of all time. The paper secured a local butcher shop to sponsor the bracket which was a great way to drive revenue as well as engagement from local sports fans.

St. Louis Post Dispatch bracket

Best Bar Food

Football fans love their bar food for kicking back and watching the game! Use this turnkey bracket to give your audience of sports fans a chance to vote for their favorites.

Best Bar Food turnkey brackets

Greatest of All Time – Teams

Ask your audience to vote for their favorite team colors, uniform, or logos for a fun promotion targeting football fans. The Post-Bulletin optimized this Best Sports Logo bracket turnkey to feature sports logos from local high schools.

Best Football Team Colors
Best Football Team Uniforms
Best Team Logo

bracket turnkeys Greatest of All Time - Teams

Greatest of All Time – Players and Staff

KRCG-TV ran a 64-coach bracket to let their viewers vote for their favorite local coach from 25 different high schools.

Best Football Coaches
Best Quarterbacks

Greatest of all Time - Players and staff

Greatest of All Time – General

WSYR-TV ran this Best SU Football Player of All-Time bracket to engage local sports fans. The bracket started with 16 famous players and asked viewers to vote for their favorites.

Best Championship Winning Team
Best Big Game Win
Best Football Team

8 Bracket Ideas for the 2020 Football Season

Use these football bracket ideas to drive engagement and revenue any time during throughout the season. Check out our recent webinar on how to plan your campaign, excite your audience, and drive revenue records this football season.

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