3 Ways TV Can Avoid Losing Financial Dollars During Elections

by Liz Huff Second Street

Sell a bundle of sponsored quizzes

Advertisers (and consumers) love quizzes. They have a long shelf life, provide great branding opportunities, and people have a blast taking and sharing them.

Even better, your advertiser can collect email addresses and generate qualified leads through email opt-ins and well-crafted, targeted survey questions.

To get you started, here are several quiz ideas that could be used in a quiz bundle:

  • “Are You Ready For Retirement?”
  • “What’s Your Financial IQ?”
  • “How Much Do You Know About Income Taxes?” (Turnkey quiz)

Quizzes like these could bring in tons of usable data for your advertiser.


Run a sweepstakes

Another fantastic way to grow your financial clients’ email databases is through a sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes have the power to reach the broadest possible audience as they have a low barrier to entry and encourage social sharing with “refer a friend to earn an extra chance” options. For this reason, they quickly generate emails for your advertiser.

Prize ideas for a financial sponsor can be anything from a gift card, to a savings bond, to a year-long home mortgage payment. For example, this gift card giveaway generated $13,000 for Entercom New Orleans and $100,000 for the advertiser!


Run an athlete of the week contest

It’s easy to engage a community around sports and people are passionate about local teams players.

These type of contests are popular and not only will bring your advertiser tons of local branding, but will also align your advertiser within the local community. Plus, by including an opt-in, you could also continue to grow your and your advertiser’s email databases.

TH Media in Dubuque, IA started running an Athlete of the Week submission contest with Dupaco – a local credit union – as one of the title sponsors. This promotion runs year-round. It’s been so successful, their promotion is now in its third year.


Take Action

At your next meeting, get your financial advertisers excited about all their options during the election season.

Here are two steps you can take:

Step One: Use this sample calendar to keep your automotive dollars strong through election season:


Step Two: Download the Seller’s Guide to Promotions, which devotes an entire chapter to healthcare advertisers.

From needs analysis questions, to survey questions, to email opt-ins, this guide lays out all the tools and knowledge you need to sell promotions.

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