4 Advertisers Perfect for Annual Virtual Event Sign-Up Campaigns

by Liz Huff Second Street


No matter your market, virtual events sponsored by a local hospital or healthcare center can grab attention from a huge portion of your audience.

A recurring virtual event such as a monthly Q&A session with a doctor about a variety of topics such as seasonal allergies, or heart-health is a great way to help promote a local healthcare center and establish them as an expert in the field. This is a surefire way to grow their targeted newsletters and drive recurring revenue for your local media company.

health event sign up mockup (1)

Home Improvement

With social distancing giving us a lot more time inside our homes, the home improvement industry is experiencing a huge boost. Advertisers in this industry are looking for ways to identify leads. Virtual events are a perfect solution. A series of virtual events such as how-to demos or Q&A with interior designers are perfect to attract a targeted audience of both veteran and beginner home improvement enthusiasts.

Home Improvement


Local advertisers in finance (tax preparation, credit unions, financial planning, etc.) are looking for branding and exposure to a specific, targeted demographic. These advertisers are great candidates for a virtual event series tackling different finance topics such as retirement planning, home loans, or tax preparation. These events will draw an audience actively looking for more information on these topics. Those registrants are great leads for the advertiser.

Finance Event Signup Mockup (1)


With so many options for places to shop for groceries, virtual events are a fantastic way for your advertiser to stand out from their competition. Consider a recurring virtual event series focused on different food-related topics like healthy recipes and nutrition information. These events are a great opportunity to grab the attention of a large but targeted audience.

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We have a great library of turnkeys (including Event Sign-Ups for Meet the Chef and Cooking Class events) ready for you to get started today!

These virtual event ideas can easily work in any market. You also use Event Sign-Ups to promote your own content and programming. Check out our list of 9 Turnkey Virtual Event Ideas to Promote Your Content Right Now!

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