5 Tax Day Promotions that Drove Results

by Julie Foley Second Street

Buckeye Tax Quiz and Sweepstakes

Alliance Review | Alliance, OH

Alliance Review secured a local financial services office to sponsor this tax trivia quiz. The turnkey quiz tested users’ knowledge of tax basics and gave the advertiser the chance to show their expertise and offer help during a stressful time of year. On the registration form, they included an email opt-in and social follow button for both the paper and the sponsor. They also added a lead-generation question for the advertiser to collect a list of users who use a paid tax service to prepare their taxes.

Alliance Review tax Quiz

Spectacular Tax Sweepstakes

Times Herald-Record | Middletown, NY

This sweepstakes from the Times Herald-Record was sponsored by Orange County Tax. They offered users a chance to win a $250 Visa Card and free tax preparation from the sponsor, which drew in qualified leads. The registration form included an opt-in and a lead-generation question from the sponsor to find users interested in being contacted about discounted tax preparation.

 Spectacular Tax Sweepstakes Times Herald-Record

What Are You Doing With Your Tax Return? Ballot

WNUZ-FM | Mercersburg, PA

This ballot from WNUZ asked users about their plans for their upcoming tax return. The station used this as an internal list builder and included a fun prize of 20 lottery scratch off cards. The campaign was a hit with their audience and generated a 95% opt-in rate for the station’s promotional emails.

 WNUZ Tax Ballot

Test Your Income Tax Knowledge Quiz

WLEN-FM | Adrian, MI

WLEN used this turnkey income tax trivia quiz, sponsored by a local accounting office, to do just that. To drive participation, they gave away $150 in gift cards to local restaurants. It was a fun campaign to engage and educate their audience on a timely topic.

Test Your Income Tax Knowledge Quiz

Free Tax Preparation Sweepstakes

The Times News | Burlington, NC

Times News used this sweepstakes to offer their audience the chance to win free tax preparation, courtesy of sponsors, E & R Financial Solutions and Harrington Income Tax Service. The prize included free tax preparation and a $25 gift card.

Free Tax Preparation Sweepstakes The Times News

Take advantage of Tax Day opportunity this year by with a promotion like quizzes, sweepstakes, or ballots! Have questions? You can chat with the success team in the chat box in the left corner!

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