How to Maximize Your Sponsor’s Exposure

by Julie Foley Second Street

On the Engagement Campaign Page

  • Create a custom page wrapper in the branding.
  • Include images from your advertisers in the contest masthead or graphic.
  • Include sponsor images on the prize page.
  • Include a mobile advertisement for your sponsor in mobile and tablet branding.
  • Add banner ads above, below, and/or on either side of your contest.
  • Include images or video from your sponsor on the contest welcome page.
  • Alter the CSS of the contest page to add a background with images from your advertiser, such as a logo.
  • Sell naming rights to the contest. A pet contest sponsored by a particular groomer might be referred to as the “ABC Groomers Cutest Pet Contest” on the contest page and in all other promotional materials.
  • Create a section on the contest page with information about your advertiser, including links back to their website and any relevant offers or coupons.
  • For sports pick’em contests, add your sponsors as VIP pickers, and feature their photos on the welcome page. We call this the Marty Carry Model – see how other media companies are using it to drive revenue.

Check out this pro football pick’em designed by the Florida Times-Union. Their top sponsor, Dream Finders, is featured throughout the contest page, including hyperlinks to their business webpage. Their second tier sponsors are also heavily featured.

Pro Football Pick'em Heavily Features Sponsor

On Your Facebook Page

  • Be sure to include a Facebook Like Box to encourage growing their Facebook followers.
  • Post about the contest on your Facebook page, including an image with your sponsor’s logo and a shortlink to the main contest page.
  • Pin the post to the top of your page and/or feature the post.
  • Create an index page listing all of the contests you are currently running with clickable images leading to the contest pages.
  • Post again when the contest ends congratulating the winner and linking to your sponsor’s site.
  • While you can promote the contest with your Facebook Cover Photo, you are NOT allowed to include the sponsor’s logo as this violates Facebook’s Terms of Service.

You could also promote the contest on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media if it makes sense – of course always including sponsor mentions and links to their own social media accounts.

In Emails

  • Include sponsor logos – and a coupon or offer, if possible – in an email to your promotional database and past contest players announcing the contest.
  • Send a registration confirmation email with sponsor logos, links to their site, and a coupon or offer if possible.
  • Include your sponsor’s information in weekly reminder emails for sports pick’em contests or any emails announcing that the submission period is ending or voting beginning.
  • Include the sponsor’s information in a follow-up email announcing the winner after the contest. If the prize package came from the sponsor, make this clear.

Around Your Website

  • Place promo ads for the contest – including the sponsor’s logo – around your site.
  • Include your sponsor’s logo on any peel-aways, sliding billboards, or feature carousels advertising the contest.

Traditional Media

  • Place print ads with your sponsor’s logo, or include your sponsor’s name in any on air mentions.
  • Place your sponsor’s information or an ad for your sponsor in any relevant special sections or programming.
  • Feature VIP pickers – including your sponsor – in print or on air each week for sports pick’em contests.

As you can see, there are AMPLE opportunities to expose your advertiser’s logo and provide them with maximum opportunities for increasing their brand awareness. Make sure you know everything you can leverage to show the value that comes from working with you.

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