3 Ways Your Promotions and Email Can Work Better Together

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Follow-up your promotions with emails that move your audience to the next digital action

Use email to get your audience to move on to the next action you want them to do. This action could be a promotion, visiting your website, subscribing to a podcast, taking a survey, or anything in between.

Post-event survey Choice-aritaville

Feature promotions in your emails to capture valuable segmentation data

Include your contests and interactive content across all available platforms, not just invite and thank-you emails. Use other email formats to promote your promotions so you can gather more segmentation data.

WMMR-FM VIP Newsletter

Use your segmentation data to send more and better-targeted email

When you strategically use segmentation data you can send emails more frequently to smaller segments of your audience. This also reduces email churn and creates opportunities for engagement and revenue.

WXKB-FM email location segment

Implement these strategies into your promotion and email programs to drive better engagement and results as well as create a better relationship with your database members.

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