Special Reserve Offer Gives Steakhouse Busiest Week Ever

by Zac Gill Hubbard Broadcasting

Case Study Highlights

  • Steakhouse experienced busiest week ever as a result of the offer.
  • Overall foot traffic increased as passersby saw large crowds.
  • Restaurant had to retrain sales staff to accommodate increased volume of customers.

The Idea

Hubbard Interactive is a division of Hubbard Radio, a radio and digital cluster based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We launched Cincinnati Special Reserve, an exclusive site featuring experiential offers from high-end advertisers, in 2013. (Learn more about how Special Reserve increased the group’s ecommerce revenue by 15% in just one year.)

Prime 47 was a steakhouse new to Cincinnati. While the restaurant had been incredibly successful in Indianapolis and believed they wouldn’t need to advertise, the stiff competition among steak restaurants in the Cincinnati market meant that they were off to a slower start than they had hoped. A few months after their grand opening, they agreed to feature an offer on Cincinnati Special Reserve in order to drive foot traffic into the restaurant.

The Execution

The Prime 47 offer was $70 for a four-course meal for two, including a shared starter, fresh salad or soup, and a choice of Filet Mignon, Chilean Sea Bass, Scottish Salmon, Chicken Parmesan, a pork chop, or the vegetarian campanelle. The meal concluded with a shared dessert from the menu.

While alcohol was not included in the offer, the marketing copy stated, “Your server can suggest the perfect wine pairings for your meal,” creating an opening for the restaurant to upsell customers beyond the ticket price.

The offer was promoted with a dedicated email to the Cincinnati Special Reserve database, as well as with social media posts, on-air mentions, and digital marketing. You can see the email we sent and a Facebook post promoting the Prime 47 offer below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.50.11 AM

The Results

The Prime 47 offer launched on a Thursday, and the following week the restaurant experienced their 7 busiest days since opening.

This increase in traffic was initially entirely a result of people coming in to redeem their Special Reserve vouchers. However, due to the restaurants large glass windows and corner location, people without a certificate saw the crowds and came in to see why the restaurant was so popular.

Eventually, the restaurant had to retrain their staff to handle the increased volume of customers, and this increase all began with the offer they featured on Cincinnati Special Reserve.

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