Best Branded Content Campaigns from the 2020 Second Street Awards

by Liz Huff Second Street

Cape Cod Nitrogen Pollution Knowledge Quiz

Cape Cod Times | Hyannis, MA

*2019 Second Street Award – Best Branded Content Winner

This quiz from Cape Cod Times is a great example of utilizing Branded Content to both inform and tell a story. When alerts about water safety came up in Cape Cod, the paper worked with the advertiser, the Conservation Law Foundation, to get the message out and inform the audience.

The paper created this quiz based on information from the advertiser to both educate the audience and align the Conservation Law Foundation with this issue. Over 1,600 people took this quiz to learn more about this topic, and 52% of users opt-ed in for advertiser emails. This engaging quiz helped align Conservation Law Foundation with this local issue in a unique way.

Cape Cod Nitrogen Pollution Knowledge Quiz

DOT Child Passenger Safety Quiz

KTUU-TV | Anchorage, AK

To educate the Anchorage area on child passenger safety, KTUU and the Alaska Highway Safety Office (AHSO) worked together to share highly important information about car seat safety. The station worked with the advertiser to create this child passenger safety quiz to both inform the audience on an important topic and also strengthen the audience’s relationship to AHSO. To attract a focused audience to the quiz, they included a prize of a premium car seat to one random participant.

This is a great example of using a piece of interactive content to tell a story in a different way than a traditional article. By using a promotion, KTUU was able to deliver measurable results for the advertiser. With over 1,700 quiz submissions and more than 1,100 email opt-ins for the advertiser, ASHO now has a fantastic database of people interested in receiving more content like this.

DOT Child Passenger Safety Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Heart Health? Quiz

Southeast Missourian | Cape Girardeau, MO

We are seeing a ton of healthcare-focused Branded Content campaigns – many created from our turnkeys! A regional hospital looked to the Southeast Missourian for a unique campaign to both inform the market on the importance of heart health, but also promote their ‘premiere heart team.’ They created a Branded Content campaign which included this ‘How Much Do You Know About Heart Health?’ quiz to educate their audience on heart health and align the hospital with this issue.

Southeast Missourian Heart Smart quiz

How Much Do You Know About Caffeine? Quiz

Wilmington Star-News | Wilmington, NC

This Branded Content campaign from the Wilmington Star-News was created for their advertiser, a regional medical center. The medical center wanted to inform the audience on the effects of caffeine so, in addition to tons of other great content, the paper created this ‘How Much Do You Know About Caffeine?’ quiz.

The quiz tested users on their knowledge of how caffeine affects the body. Plus, as this promotion engaged a very focused and targeted audience, each quiz taker represented a great candidate for future segmented email messages from the medical center.

How Much Do You Know About Caffeine? Quiz from Wilmington Star-News

These award-winning Branded Content campaigns are great examples of utilizing promotions to educate your audience and deliver leads to your advertiser. Want to learn more about how to enhance branded content with promotions? Check out our list of 3 Ways Promotions Improve Your Branded Content Strategy.

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