3 Ways Promotions Improve Your Branded Content Strategy

by Liz Huff Second Street

Promotions Drive the Results Your Advertisers Want

Your advertiser wants a unique opportunity to connect with your valuable audience. Whether this is their first dive into branded content or not, they’re ultimately looking for you to bring them results they can use.

According to data from Borrell Associates, Inc., in addition to traditional advertising, your advertisers want something trackable. Promotions are optimized for lead-generation. With a simple registration form, you can take a simple piece of content and make it something that delivers results all while giving your users an interactive and meaningful brand experience.

Check out this “Are You Ready for Retirement?” quiz for a local Edward Jones investment company. With a simple opt-in and lead-gen question, the station was able to generate valuable prospects for the advertiser.

For a local hospital, one newspaper created a quiz around breast cancer awareness month. The hospital’s main goal was to drive education and awareness of breast cancer within their community.

Promotions Enhance Your Storytelling

While revenue is good, your storytelling is what keeps your audience coming back to your site. Branded content relies heavily on audience interaction with your content. It’s your responsibility to create pieces that not only deliver the results your advertiser is looking for, but create content meaningful to your audience.

Create a more robust branded content package incorporating promotions. If you’re creating written content or on-air content, a promotion is an excellent way to make your branded content campaign an interactive experience and drive your audience to take action.

A local Florida hospital wanted to educate their audience about how to respond when someone suffers a stroke. The newspaper used a quiz as a unique way to get their life-saving information out to the readers.

For expectant and new mothers, the decision of which breast pump to use can be tricky. This medical supply company used a quiz to help mothers make the decision of which pump they should buy.

Promotions Create Standalone Content

Branded content can be daunting and time consuming if you’re just getting started. However, promotions are a simple way to jump into the ring and create powerful branded content campaigns. While they can be a way to elevate existing content pieces, quizzes, photo contests, and ballots can standalone as their own branded content experience.

Promotions are engaging content experiences that users interact with eagerly. While your competitors may be writing another article or presenting another on-air feature, a promotion allows you to tell your story in a unique, interactive way. This will set your company a step above your competition.

The local venue of a PGA Golf Tour wanted to promote the upcoming tournament. The newspaper pitched a quiz as a unique way for the golf course to remind fans of the superstar players they could see.

A summer film festival wanted to spread awareness about their upcoming event to local movie buffs. This classic movie trivia quiz was a perfect fit.

Promotions are an excellent way to get started with branded content or enhance an already existing program. They’re ideal for creating a meaningful experience for your audience while delivering measurable results to your advertisers. Find out how you can start adding in promotions to your branded content strategy today.

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