Branded Content: A Beginner’s Guide to Drive Expert Results

by Liz Huff Second Street

It’s About Three Things

Branded Content is about branding, not selling. This style of advertising is different from the majority of advertising and sponsorship your company is likely already doing. We’re not talking about discount mattresses, Labor Day grocery specials, or BOGO shoe offers (even though I love a good shoe sale!)

When it comes to Branded Content, you want to focus on:

  1. Information
  2. Education
  3. Engagement

This is where Branded Content excels. It’s all about educating your audience and providing them with useful information. Establishing your advertiser as the expert and authority in their field. This is what makes Branded Content so effective and such an integral part of your advertiser’s overall strategy.

“We don’t sell people things. We help their business grow.”

Julia CampbellBranded Content Project Lead, Local Media Association


Can Branded Content Deliver Leads? YES!

You can and should definitely still deliver leads with Branded Content. With this type of advertising, you have the opportunity to reach people at the top of your funnel when you’re talking about the brand as a whole.

However, when you pair your Branded Content with an interactive content element you can uncover leads and grow their database with people interested in this topic. For example, when you create a quiz about stroke safety for an advertiser in healthcare, you’re not only informing and educating, but you’re also building a database of people interested in this topic.

Use Promotions as Branded Content

Yes, you are creating a campaign to deliver brand affinity and brand love, but it is also important to have a measurable element to your campaign. Adding a quiz, a poll, or another type of promotion, gives you the chance to deliver lead generation. It’s important to be able to offer your client both things.

Creating effective Branded Content campaigns isn’t difficult, but it does take planning. Meet with your client during a customer needs analysis (CNA) meeting to see how you can best deliver on all of these elements: information, education, engagement, and leads. Creating a campaign that resonates with all four will be powerful.

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