WPSD-TV Leveraged A Quiz To Provide Advertiser With Sales Leads

by Karie Thornton Bristol Broadcasting

Case Study Highlights

  • A personality quiz and sweepstakes hybrid provided an advertiser with a unique solution
  • The advertiser built a email database full of hot sales leads
  • Quiz featured questions centered entirely around the advertiser’s products

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was the Winner of Best Overall Promotion for the 2015 Second Street Awards. It also won the Best Advertiser Quiz category.

The Idea

WPSD-TV is a DMA 81 television station in Paducah, Kentucky. Our station prioritizes running promotions for our advertisers to help them achieve their goals.

A local furniture store, Higdon Furniture, has traditionally only advertised on-air with our station. They wanted to build up their email database while also highlighting many of their products and driving foot traffic to their store. We wanted to present them with a fun promotion that would deliver on those goals.

Our team came up with a new and unique solution that combined the engagement and share-ability of a quiz and the excitement and simplicity of a sweepstakes. The result? A What’s Your Home Decor Personality? quiz and $500 gift card giveaway.


The Execution

To create the personality quiz, we asked Higdon Furniture which four categories of furniture they sell the most in their store. We then used those four categories – Contemporary, Farmhouse, Rustic, and Traditional – as the outcomes of the personality quiz.

Each quiz question showed four photos, each of a different furniture set or accessory, and asked which set the user liked best. After the user selected their favorite bedroom, living room, and dining room set – along with a few accessoires – they were told their decor style.


We used the photos instead of text answers because we thought that would be easier and faster for the quiz participant to choose their favorites. The quiz also promoted the products Higdon Furniture carries in their store. It was a great way to get customers to take a close look at 32 pictures of the advertiser’s products.

After the participant answered the eight questions, and before they saw their quiz outcome, they were prompted to fill out a survey. This survey served as a registration form for a sweepstakes – the prize being a $500 gift card to the furniture store – as well as a source to collect valuable data for the advertiser.


It’s super important to ask the right questions when creating these surveys. Asking the right questions gave us the ability to qualify each quiz participant and decide if they are a lead. Also, to ensure each survey response was valuable and qualified, answers to the lead generation questions weren’t required to enter the sweepstakes.

The questions we used to qualify leads were:

  • Will you be looking to purchase new furniture in the next…
    • Six months
    • Year
    • 18 months
  • Are you look for new furniture for your…
    • Bedroom
    • Living room
    • Dining room


After receiving their decor personality outcome, the quiz prompted users to visit Higdon’s website to see more of the styles they liked in the quiz. It also invited them to share the promotion with their friends via social or email.

screenshot-wpsdlocal6.secondstreetapp.com results

This quiz was promoted primarily through emails to our email subscriber list. We have found that the peak of contest entries come following an email campaign. We also included social media posts in the promotional package.


The Results

What’s Your Home Decor Personality? was taken 1,800 times and 74% of users opted-in for the advertiser. The Higdon Furniture is looking forward to utilizing their new database to target specific users – now hot leads! – with information about products they already know they like.


As part of our overall advertiser promotion strategy, our station has a monthly goal of generating $10,000 from promotions. The Higdon Furniture quiz contributed nearly 10% of our monthly goal.


WPSD-TV’s What’s Your Home Decor Personality? quiz won the Best Overall Promotions at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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