The Best of the 2023 ‘Best Of’ Ballots

by Liz Huff Second Street

Best of Denton 2023

Denton Record-Chronicle

*2023 Second Street Award – ‘Best Of’ Ballot: Small Market Winner

The Best of Denton 2023 was the largest and most profitable project of the year, for the Denton Record-Chronicle securing over $280k in revenue.


  • $282K in revenue
  • 16% YOY revenue growth
  • 12% YOY increase in nominations
  • Best Of marketing website complete with media kit, FAQ, and inbound sales opportunities
  • Thousands of opt-ins for daily and niche newsletters

Best of Sun Coast Media Group

Sun News Media | Adams Publishing Group

*2023 Second Street Award – ‘Best Of’ Ballot: Mid-Size Market Winner

Sun News Media runs 4 regional Best Of ballots each year. They’ve seen continued growth in digital revenue, audience development, engagement, and opt-ins. According to Sun News Media, what made their ballots successful was the ability to build a creative and engaging platform that provided local users a comfortable and turnkey way to nominate and vote for contestants, and also the opportunity to create and implement effective marketing around a very credible balloting platform.


  • $696K in total revenue
  • 118% YOY growth

2023 Palm Beach County Community’s Choice Awards

Palm Beach Post | Gannett

*2023 Second Street Award – ‘Best Of’ Ballot: Large Market Winner

The Palm Beach Post has cracked the formula for running a successful and revenue maximizing Best Of, and they continue to smash records year over year.


  • $623K in revenue
  • 13% YOY revenue growth
  • 45% YOY increase in votes
  • 8,000+ promotions opt-ins
  • 2,000+ sponsor opt-ins