Turnkeys to Run Now + Who Should Sponsor Them

by Julie Foley Second Street

See Our Turnkey Library

We’ve built a library of over 550 turnkey quizzes, photo contests, brackets, and other promotions. And as a Second Street partner, they’re all included for you. These ready-to-run contests can be run as is in just a couple clicks or completely customized to fit your brand and messaging.


Why Promotions?

We saw an economic dip in 2008, but it was in 2008 when promotions really took off. Advertisers recognized the value of promotions and shifted their dollars from core media towards promotions. It’s time to get prepared for another coming shift to promotions!

2008 Shift to Promotions

The Power of Turnkeys

Turnkeys are prebuilt, ready-to-run contests on the Second Street platform. You can take these contests and customize them as extensively as you want to match your advertiser’s branding. Not only can you change the colors and layouts, but you can adjust a quiz’s questions and outcomes or even change all the categories within your favorite ballot layout.

Customize Turnkeys to Match Your Style

What You Should Run Right Now

As audiences and businesses grapple with the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus,) you may be faced with opportunities for advertisers who may be wanting to pull spending or might need to reframe their message. For those looking for a reway to reposition themselves, we’ve created over 30 turnkeys around the Coronavirus including social distancing, working from home, and more.

But many businesses are still up and running and dependent on leads. For these advertisers, promotions to deliver measurable results are more critical than ever. Here’s a list of nearly 70 turnkeys for advertisers including financial, home improvement, real estate, and education – all of which are still actively needing the help of your media company.

Turnkey Lawn Contest

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