32 Must-Run Turnkeys Around the Coronavirus

by Ellen Trunk Second Street

How Should You Entertain Your Kids? Personality Quiz

Turnkey Quiz about How to Entertain Your Kids


Which At-Home Project Should You Get Done? Personality Quiz

Local Business Message Board Survey

How Are You Staying Social? Poll

Turnkey Poll - How Are You Staying Social


What Should You Do with Your Kids & Family? Bracket

What Should You Do at Home this Weekend? Bracket

How Much Do You Know About the Coronavirus? Trivia Quiz

Turnkey Quiz about Coronavirus


Best Stay-At-Home Recipes Voting Ballot

Working from Home Office Photo Contest

Turnkey Photo Contest - Home Office


What is Your Favorite Activity to Do at Home? Poll

Top Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas Bracket

Fact or Myth: Washing Your Hands Trivia Quiz

Turnkey Quiz - Washing Your Hands Trivia


Snack Food Battle Bracket

Top Workouts Bracket

Top Style of Beer Bracket

Turnkey Bracket - Top Style of Beer


Top Mixed Drink Bracket

Top Dessert Bracket

What’s Your Morning Beverage of Choice Now That Your Kids Are Home Poll

Turnkey Poll about Morning Beverage Choices


What Should You Do on Your Date Night In? Personality Quiz

Which At-Home Activity Should You Do to Stay Healthy? Personality Quiz

Top Ways to Reduce Stress Bracket

Turnkey Bracket for Top Ways to Reduce Stress


How Should You Keep Your Money Safe As Markets Panic? Trivia Quiz

Are You a 401K Crisis Expert? Trivia Quiz

What Steps Are You Taking Financially Amid Crisis? Poll

How Are You Entertaining Your Kids Photo Contest

Turnkey Photo Contest - Entertaining Your Kids

What Should You Do on Your Date Night In? Personality Quiz

Best Cocktail to Make During Self Quarantine Bracket

Turnkey Bracket - Best Cocktail for a Quarantine

Quizzes for Kids: Elementary English

Quizzes for Kids: Elementary Science

Turnkey Elementary Science Quiz

Quizzes for Kids: Elementary Math

Quizzes for Kids: Elementary Geography

Community Board

Turnkey Community Board Supports Audience


With the news moving so quickly, we want to make your work life as simple as possible. Take any one of these turnkeys and customize it to fit your brand and your needs.

Have questions with how to use turnkeys or who to secure for sponsors? Send us an email or chat with us here – we’re always more than happy to help you succeed.

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