3 Appetizing Thanksgiving Promotions

by Julie Foley Second Street


If your advertiser is looking for a quick way to build their email database and increase their social media presence, a sweepstakes is a great way to do both. With Thanksgiving so focused on food and family, any sweepstakes that can connect these ideas is going to be a surefire win with your audience.

Grocery gift card giveaways sponsored by a local grocery store or the classic “Thanksgiving Dinner with all the Fixin’s” sponsored by a local restaurant can be incredibly successful.

You can also try a more creative giveaway featuring a new set of kitchenware, expensive set of carving knives, or even a new oven to cook the prized holiday turkey – all of which have a variety of sponsors who would love to participate.


The more appealing the prize, the more participation you’ll get. When determining your prize, try to keep it greater than $100. When partnering with grocery stores, don’t forget to ask about the national co-op dollars from great Thanksgiving Day sponsors like Butterball Turkey or Libby’s Pumpkin Pie filling.



A great way to engage your audience and drive revenue is through a personality quiz. Not only do people find it fun to click through the questions, there can be a huge viral effect as the quizzes get shared via social media. Use the advertiser directly within the questions themselves, “What’s your favorite Thanksgiving way to serve up your Kroger russet potatoes?” At the end of your quiz, add on a valuable bounce-back offer that will drive those customers straight to your advertiser’s business.


Trivia quizzes can be an excellent way to connect align your advertiser with Thanksgiving traditions. Create a trivia quiz about the history of the holiday itself can be successful for just about any sponsor. However, a quiz focusing on local Thanksgiving Day traditions can be an excellent way to partner with local tourist locations, museums, or other community-centered organizations.


Try your Thanksgiving Quiz as the first in a bundle of holiday quizzes. Creating a set of themed quizzes to release throughout the holiday season can guarantee visitors to your site returning week after week. Plus, sell the entire bundle as an exclusive deal to just one sponsor. Advertisers will like the chance to display their branding so frequently, and you can work with the sponsor to determine really great survey questions for each quiz.



There are many different contests you can run around Thanksgiving. Probably the most popular is a recipe contest. Many people have traditional recipes they make for their family holiday dinners year after year, and they would love a chance to brag about them. These contests can be sponsored by tons of advertisers, but are an exceptionally good fit for grocery stores and specialty cooking stores. Not only will you get many participants, but your contest and website will get tons views as home chefs look to add new recipes to their Thanksgiving feast tradition.


The family focus of Thanksgiving provides the opportunity to run children-centric contests. There are a variety of different ideas you can try, but this campaign for “Save Carl the Turkey” was such a fun family hit. This was a coloring contest sponsored by a local grocery store. Children were asked to color and disguise Carl the turkey to save him from becoming part of the dinner. In addition to the families coming to the grocery store to pick up a sheet, they had to return the sheet to the store, and then also came back to see the winners.


Thanksgiving is a season to take time out of your life and thank others. A submission contest can be a great way for your advertiser to align themselves with the community. Whether you run a photo contest asking for pictures of people with someone they want to thank, or if you create an essay contest asking for people to express their gratitude, these submission contests truly can connect your advertiser with the season of giving thanks and be a huge hit within the community.


These are just a few of our promotion ideas for the Thanksgiving holiday season. Explore the Thanksgiving Topic Page for even more opportunities for your holiday promotions.

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