6 Appetizing Thanksgiving Promotions

by Julie Foley Second Street


Sweepstakes are a great way to collect email opt-ins and generate leads for your local media company and/or your advertiser. With Thanksgiving so focused on food and family, any sweepstakes that can connect these ideas is going to be a surefire win with your audience. Prizes such as grocery gift cards, a turkey dinner, or even a set of carving knives are a perfect fit for a Thanksgiving sweepstakes.

The Amarillo Globe-News ran a thanksgiving dinner sweepstakes with a sponsoring local grocery store to give away a $250 gift card to three random entrants! This campaign grew the email databases of both the sponsor and paper by thousands!

Amarillo Globe-News thanksgiving dinner sweepstakes


Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving foods and traditions which makes voting-brackets a super fun way to celebrate with your audience. The fun head-to-head voting structure encourages users to come back to your site each round, which is a fantastic way to drive site traffic. Check out our pre-made Best Thanksgiving Food Bracket turnkey for a quick and easy promotion.

Best Thanksgiving Food Bracket turnkey

Photo Contests

Whether you ask for pictures of family traditions or people with someone they want to thank, photo contests are a fun way to celebrate with your audience. Not only that, but these contests also provide a chance for your advertiser to align themselves with the community.

KITV-TV ran this fun Thanksgiving photo contest to celebrate with their island community. The station secured three businesses (vacuum brand, gas station, and a restaurant) to sponsor the campaign. They asked viewers to submit an ‘I’m thankful for…’ photos for a chance to win a prize from the sponsoring businesses.

KITV thanksgiving photo contests


A great way to engage your audience and drive advertiser revenue is through a personality and trivia quizzes. With creative questions and outcomes, quizzes are a surefire way to get your audience to share via social media. We have several Thanksgiving-themed quizzes like ‘Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?’ and ‘ Test Your Turkey Day Knowledge’ pre-made for you in our turnkey library.

Consider a quiz focusing on local Thanksgiving Day traditions for an excellent chance to partner with local tourist locations, museums, or other community-centered organizations.

Ames Tribune Thanksgiving Quiz

Event Sign-Ups

Thanksgiving presents a cornucopia of virtual event opportunities to celebrate with your audience. Virtual events reach a targeted audience which is also great for your local advertisers to identify leads. Consider something like a cooking class, home decor demo, or virtual 5K “turkey trot”.

MockUp of virtual cooking class Event Sign-Up


Polls are a fantastic way to enhance your holiday content. Ask your audience a Thanksgiving-themed question (or a series of questions). This could be as simple as a question about their plans, their traditions, or favorite foods!

WKYQ-TV used this poll to ask their viewers about their favorite Thanksgiving dish. The station even secured a local grocery store to sponsor the poll and utilized a gift card prize to encourage participation.

WKYQ-TV Thanksgiving Dish Poll

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