Grocery Sweepstakes Drives Big Win for Small Team During COVID

by Tucker Young Bryan Broadcasting Corporation

Case Study Highlights

  • Big win for small team
  • $5,000 sponsorship revenue
  • 90% opt-in rate for station
  • 77% opt-in rate for advertiser
  • 80 leads for advertiser

The Idea

KNDE-FM is a radio station in the small town of College Station, Texas. When the COVID pandemic began, we knew we needed to find new ways to attract advertisers still spending. We discovered that the legal industry was still spending in our market, so we teamed up with Chad Jones Law.

Our team loves utilizing promotions to drive measurable results for our advertisers. As a small team, it can be challenging to produce a campaign – especially during a global pandemic. We decided to utilize the annual Free Groceries for a Year sweepstakes hosted by Second Street for a simple way to generate huge results for our advertiser.

Second Street provided a prize of free groceries for a year (up to $4,800) to one lucky winner. We knew the high value and widespread appeal of the prize would interest a large audience. This opportunity would be perfect to help the local law firm identify leads.

KNDE Grocery Sweepstakes Promotion

The Execution

The package for the local sponsorship of this campaign included tons of branding, email opt-ins, and lead-generation questions to provide valuable consumer information for Chad Jones Law.

We included three lead-generation questions on the entry form designed to identify users interested in advertisers’ services.

  • Have you or someone you care about been injured in a wreck in the last two months?
  • Would you like to know more about how Chad Jones Law can help you after an auto accident?
  • Do you have questions you’d like to ask an injury lawyer, free of charge?

Grocery Sweepstakes Drives Big Win for Small Team During COVID

To generate even more participation, the advertiser also provided two local prizes for random entrants – a $250 gift card for groceries and ‘free pies for a year’ from a local restaurant. More chances to win means more sweepstakes participation.

The Results

The sweepstakes reached a huge audience and received more than 1,800 entries from our listeners. This was a big win for our small station as over 90% of entrants opted- in for our promotional emails, and we generated $5,000 in sponsorship revenue.

Utilizing opt-ins and lead-gen questions for our advertiser, we were able to provide a list of qualified leads. More than 77% of users opted-in to receive emails from the law firm. Beyond the opt-ins, Chad Jones Law was thrilled to receive a list of 80 entrants who requested to be contacted by the law firm for a free consultation!

The national sweepstakes provided by Second Street continue to be a huge opportunity, especially for small-market companies, to drive huge results! We can’t wait to get started on the next campaign and continue to demonstrate the power of promotions.

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