6 Steps to Building a Killer Promotions Plan

by Liz Huff Second Street

Company Initiatives

Start by reviewing what your company-wide initiatives are throughout the year. This could be high school sports coverage, a home and garden show, or maybe a summer concert series. Anticipate these events coming up and plan out promotions to complement each one.

Local Initiatives

Look at what big events are happening in or near your community. Consider local fairs and festivals and popular local sports teams. In addition, look at local initiatives for niche audiences like children’s summer camps or the start of hunting season.

The No-Brainers

There are some contest ideas that are a big hit in every market. Cutest kid and cutest pet contests draw in tons of entries and engagement no matter when you run them. Football is a huge revenue driver in any market. And everyone needs groceries, so a grocery giveaway is great for any audience.


Every big holiday deserves a promotion. And we’re not just talking about Christmas and Thanksgiving. You need to be including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, and every holiday in between.

Custom Advertiser Solutions

No advertiser should be considered out of reach. By customizing a promotion for an advertiser, you can deliver the exact results they most want. Plus, since these aren’t tied to your existing company initiatives, you can be running these at the same time without pulling away from your already existing events.

Database Builders

Growing an engaged database will help every initiative of your company. The more people who interact with your emails – the more people who will interact with your promotions. Invest some of your effort into running dedicated database builders for your own company.

Start planning now. You don’t have to wait to the beginning of the year. Download our Planning Calendar to help you dive in. If you’re ready to start driving revenue and increasing engagement, it’s time to get started.

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