Whatever Else You Do, Run Cutest Kid & Cutest Pet Contests

by Julie Foley Second Street

Everyone has these photos already.

Can you think of a single pet owner or parent who doesn’t have piles of photos of their furry friend or little one? Probably not. Part of the reason Cutest Kid and Cutest Pet contests are so successful is that the barrier to entry is so low. Instead of having to go out and take a photo, all people need to do is upload one they already have.

Everyone has these photos on their phone and every other device.

Not only does everyone already have photos of their pets and children, but they very likely have these photos on every single device they own. This makes the barrier to entry to Cutest Kid and Cutest Pet even lower, because people can simply upload a photo they already have directly from their mobile device. Yet another reason to make sure that your contests are all mobile-friendly!

They’re proven to work in every size market and every medium.

Cutest Kid and Cutest Pet contests have the potential to succeed in every market, whether it be large, small, rural, urban, or somewhere in between.

They attract a desirable audience.

If you’re looking to reach a niche or targeted audience, Cutest Kid and Cutest Pet contests are the perfect ones to run. These contests are particularly good for reaching women who are the decision-makers in their households.

They’re wonderful at generating revenue.

Lots of small and mid-sized business sponsors are keen to get on board with Cutest Kid and Cutest Pet contests because they appeal to the very desirable demographic described above. Try targeting children’s retailers, daycares, toy stores, pediatricians, banks, and jewelry stores.

They’re evergreen, but can also be seasonal.

You can run a Cutest Kids or Cutest Pets contest any time of year when you have a gap in your promotions calendar to fill. You can even run multiple Cutest Kid and Cutest Pet throughout the year if you theme your contests to fit in with the season or with your market, station, or publication. WKBU-FM, a classic rock station, did this with a “My Pet Rocks!” contest:


Other examples like this would be “Cutest Little Cowboys & Cowgirls” for a country station or a monthly “Cover Kids” contest for a parenting magazine to scout for a cover model.

In addition to the straightforward “Cutest Pets” and “Cutest Kids” contests like the ones pictures at the beginning of the article, here are a few examples of contests our partners have run that showcase a variety of seasonal and evergreen themes.




Run this right before the new year!




Spring is the perfect time to run a classic cutest kid contest, like the ones pictured at the top of the article, but you could also run a “Mommy & Me” contest leading up to Mother’s Day or a Cutest Kids or Pets contest around Easter.




You could run a similar contest leading up to Father’s Day as well:












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