3 Ideas to Pitch to Local Car Washes

by Liz Huff Second Street

Father’s Day Giveaway: A Year of Free Car Washes

WPSD-TV | Paducah, KY

A Father’s Day sweepstakes was the perfect fit for Finish Line Car Wash. With three lucky winners getting a year of free car washes, this sweepstakes was sure to draw in a crowd. More than 2,200 people took the quiz and over 1,200 email addresses were collected for the advertiser.

Father's Day Sweeps Sponsored by Car Wash

SuperSonic Car Wash Quiz

KUTV-TV | Salt Lake City, UT

For the SuperSonic Car Wash, KUTV-TV worked with them to develop this custom quiz. With questions about the business, the quiz also entered registered users into a sweepstakes to win a gift card to the local business.

Quiz Sponsored by Car Wash

Tiger Express Free for a Year

KCLR-FM | Columbia, MO

Tiger Express Car Wash was hoping to collect email addresses and consumer data. KCLR worked with the advertiser to develop a sweepstakes offering a year of free car washes. Not only did they collect nearly 300 email addresses for Tiger Express Car Wash’s database, but they also were able to uncover nearly 100 people interested in signing up for a Tiger Express membership.

Sweeps Sponsored by Car Wash

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