4 Lead-Gen Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

by Julie Foley Second Street


The healthcare industry is primarily concerned with informing their audience and keeping people healthy. A quiz is an excellent way to do both.

Parker Eye Care, a local optometrist and eye doctor, was looking for a way to increase branding about their business while also identifying potential new clients. Radio station, WKDZ-FM, worked with the business to create the “What’s Your Eye Q?” quiz. Not only did this inform the audience on interesting eye care facts, but survey questions identified hundreds of hot leads for Parker Eye Care to reach out to with targeted marketing campaigns.

Healthcare Quiz


Depending on the healthcare provider you’re working with, a sweepstakes can be the perfect way to grow an email database list and identify potential clients.

For WPSD-TV in Paducah, KY, a sweepstakes was exactly what was needed for the Audiology & Hearing Center, a local business selling hearing aids and equipment. The sweepstakes prize was a hearing aid valued at over $1,000 – a prize that would only attract qualified entrants. With lead-generation questions and an email opt-in, the business added 200+ new users to their database and identified 164 people in the market for new hearing aids within the next year. Read the full case study here.

Healthcare Sweepstakes

Photo Contests

Whether it’s Healthy Selfie or Show Us Your Smile, photo contests work for many different healthcare businesses, bring about tons of brand awareness, and can deliver tons of leads and email addresses.

The Johnson City Press knew their local hospital would be the perfect sponsor for a cutest baby photo contest. The hospital was wanting to learn about potential new customers, specifically people who have children or would be having children within the next couple of years. The contest drove in over 600 entries and 16,000 votes, and over 1,000 people planning on having a baby soon. Plus, the paper was able to secure $3,000 in revenue. Read the full case study here.

Healthcare Photo Contest


Being one of the biggest customer service industries, a ballot focused on healthcare can be a huge hit with your community. Your ballot could focus on just one area such as Top Dentists or cover the entire industry with categories for top eye doctors, pediatricians, chiropractors or anesthesiologists.

In honor of National Nurses Week in May, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran their Celebrate Nurses ballot. The paper sold the title sponsorship to a local hospital – specifically their college of nursing. More than 2,600 votes were cast and the hospital added over 1,150 addresses to their email database.

Healthcare Ballot

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