Hearing Aid Sweeps Delivers 164 Qualified Leads to Audiology Center

by Liz Huff Second Street

Case Study Highlights

  • 60% opt-in rate for advertiser’s email list
  • 164 qualified leads generated and 8 consultations booked
  • Nearly 400 entries for a highly-targeted niche promotion

The Idea

WPSD-TV is a DMA 83 television station in Paducah, Kentucky. The station regularly works with local advertisers to run contests or quizzes that will help them reach their goals.

One of their clients, Audiology & Hearing Center, wanted to run a contest that would help them grow their Facebook Likes and build an email database that they could use to market an event that they had coming up.

The Execution

The “Hear Clearly” Giveaway was a month-long sweepstakes that ran on both the WPSD website and the Audiology & Hearing Center Facebook Page.

The prize was a made-for-iPhone Hearing Aid from Starkey. The prize was a perfect fit to help the audiology center achieve its goals, because it was valuable enough to encourage lots of entries and specific enough to ensure only relevant entries. Plus, Starkey donated the prize in a co-op deal, and the marketing group that advises their client watched the contest closely so they could recreate it in other markets if it was a success (which it most definitely was!).

The entry form for the contest was designed strategically to identify qualified leads for the advertiser. In addition to the usual fields for name and email address, WPSD included several survey questions:


  • Do you or someone you love currently wear hearing aids?
  • Do you plan on purchasing hearing aids in the next year?
  • Do you plan on financing your hearing aid purchase?
  • Would you be interested in attending a lunch and learn discussing hearing loss and the new technology available?
  • Would you like someone from our office to contact you?

To make it easy for people to respond, all of the questions had a simple Yes or No answer.

Plus, to help Audiology & Hearing Center achieve their Facebook and database growth goals, WPSD included both an optional Facebook Like button and a pre-checked email opt-in on the entry form.


The opt-in, which read “Would you like to receive email newsletters and special offers from Audiology and Hearing Center?” clearly communicated the kinds of content people could expect to receive if they opted in.

WPSD promoted the sweepstakes for 4 weeks. The WPSD team used a mix of on-air promotion, in-news time with Local 6 Today and Local 6 Midday, ads on WPSDLocal6.com, posts to the WPSD Facebook Page, and messages to WPSD’s contest and promotions email database. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 10 ROS spots per week (40 total)
  • 4 In-News Mentions Split between 2 Newscasts (16 total)
  • 200K Impressions on WPSDLocal6.com Desktop & Mobile Sites
  • 2 Mentions per Week on the WPSD Faceboook Page (8 total)
  • Email to Database of 13,000

Audiology & Hearing Center also promoted the contest with posts on their own Facebook Page:


The Results

WPSD brought in $5,000 in revenue as a result of the contest, and the contest received 359 entries, which was a great result, especially considering the small niche to which they were marketing and the fact that that audience skews older.

The survey results were also incredibly valuable to the advertiser.

164 people (45% of all contest entrants) said that they plan to purchase a hearing aid within the next year, and of those, 54% plan to finance their purchase. 96 respondents (26% of entrants), also indicated that they would be interested in a Lunch & Learn event.

Plus, 217 people (60% of entrants) opted in to receive emails from the Audiology & Hearing Center and 55 people (15% of entrants) indicated that they would like to have someone from the center contact them by phone.

The Audiology & Hearing Center was very pleased with the opt-in results and is currently using the list to invite people to Lunch & Learns, as well as to another upcoming event.

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