3 Ways to Generate Consumer Revenue

by Julie Foley Second Street


Events are perhaps one of your biggest revenue-generating opportunities. First, consider what your community shows the most interest in – food, entertainment, local sports? An event like a Taste of Springfield or Best of Prep Sports can draw in huge crowds, and that means lots of revenue from ticket sales.

450 People Attended Event


Many media companies offer digital subscription plans and place specific website content behind this paywall. Consider which areas of your site are driving the most pageviews and user interest. If you charge for these areas, not only will your company benefit from the additional revenue, but users will feel as if they’re getting premium, exclusive content.

Subscriptions Drive Revenue


Membership programs are a great way to show appreciation for your audience while also driving in significant revenue. These programs can offer a variety of benefits to users. This could be early access to event and concert tickets, exclusive website content, or even meet-and-greets with your company’s talent and writers.

Memberships Drive Revenue

If you’re going to be successful with generating consumer revenue, it all starts with growing and maintaining an engaged email database. For too long, media companies have relied on display and social media to get the word out, but it’s time to build your foundation on a structure you can trust to support you. You own your email database, and email is the #1 way to convert your known database into your consumers.

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