Going Virtual? 5 Steps to Drive Event Registration

by Liz Huff Second Street

Step 1: Create an Email Sequence

There are three basic emails to send those who sign up for your event: confirmation, reminder, and follow-up. It’s important to send a confirmation email to the user immediately so they can get all relevant details and add it to their calendar while they are thinking about the event. Then, send a reminder email the day of the event to make sure it’s still top-of-mind with your registrant. Lastly, a follow-up email after the event allows you to share a survey or another action for the attendee to make. This could be redeeming a coupon, taking a quiz, entering a sweepstakes, or or even signing up for another event.

Beyond promoting the event itself, each email presents another touchpoint for your advertiser. Be sure to include more information, links, and content from them. The email campaign is a valuable opportunity to provide continued benefits for your advertiser. It’s a valuable opportunity to show advertisers the continued benefits of the campaign.

Keep Top of Mind with Attendees

Step 2: Leverage Email to Attract Registrants

While an established email sequence is important for registered attendees, a different campaign is needed to attract new attendees. Utilize your regular email content to promote your event to your existing audience.

Don’t miss a chance to promote your event to your existing email audience. Include a link to the Event Sign-Up in emails such as your general headlines blast or newsletters related to the event topic. Your email audience opted-in to receive more information and content from you, so don’t miss a chance to engage your audience.

Step 3: Deliver Maximum Revenue with an Event Series

Turning a single event into a multi-event series is a great way to deliver recurring revenue month after month. Secure a single title sponsor for the entire event series. A Title Sponsorship offers exclusive branding, email database growth, and lead-generation questions (more on that below.) Choose a topic related to the advertiser’s industry, and you will be able to provide them with a list of highly qualified leads.

Event Series Deliver the Most Revenue

Step 4: Optimize Your Form for Database Growth

If someone is taking the time to register for a virtual event, that’s a clear indication of an extremely engaged audience member. Include email opt-ins and lead-generation questions to grow and strengthen your database at the moment your users are most interested.

Always include an email opt-in for your media company and, if you have a sponsor for the Event Sign-Up, include an email opt-in and at least one lead-gen question for the sponsor.

Add Opt-Ins and Lead-Gen to Your Form

While lead-generation questions give you the opportunity to learn more about your registrants, this is also a chance for your advertisers to learn valuable consumer information as well. And, with the Notify and Share feature, your advertiser will receive lead information immediately.

Step 5: Bundle Events into Larger Campaigns

But if you really want to maximize your event’s engagement potential, the best way is to incorporate your event into a larger, multi-media campaign. Whether it’s a meet & greet with your morning show hosts or an ‘ask the expert’ session with a sponsoring hospital, a multimedia campaign will generate more exposure and overall more engagement.

Now is the time to connect with your audience using virtual events and Event Sign-Ups. If you need ideas or have any questions about optimizing your next event, you can chat with a member of our Success team via the chat box in the bottom right corner.


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