Football Player of the Week Campaign Scores 350K Votes

by Claire Bitner Capitol Radio Group

Case Study Highlights

  • Generated $30,000 in revenue
  • 373,345 votes for very high level of community engagement
  • Contest ended with a winner’s banquet
  • Local advertisers were eager to show their support for high school athletics

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was the Winner for Best Local Sports Contest at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

The Idea

WYMG-FM is one of Capitol Radio Group’s six stations in Springfield, Illinois and a part of Saga Communications.

Though we’re no novice to promotions, we wanted this one to stand out. We aimed to create a promotion that would connect the thousands of high school football fans in the Springfield area with other local high schools, people, and businesses.

Our concept was to develop a “Football Player of the Week” promotion, a local sports contest where our listeners could vote for their favorite high school football players each week.

The Execution

The first thing we did was secure a roster of local businesses to sponsor the promotion. Though our sponsors ranged from a pizzeria to a university to a law firm, they shared two important qualities:

  1. They wanted to show their involvement in the community
  2. They wanted to reaching an audience of families

WYMG football player of the week

Here’s how the contest worked:

  • Every Monday during the high school football season, we nominated 5 area football players and posted them on our website. We made sure to include players from both large and small schools in order to represent the entire community.
  • Listeners could then vote up to 100x per day for their favorite players.
  • Each week’s winner received a plaque and an invitation to a banquet held at the end of football season.

Our community loves its high school football teams (we have fifteen in Springfield alone!), so we wanted our advertisers to be able to tap into that fan passion. Promotion was key to driving participants to the contest page. We leveraged the promotional power of all six of our stations across multiple platforms with:

  • On-air promotion
  • Frequent posts on our Facebook Page and Twitter account
  • Exposure on all six websites
  • Emails and text messages

High School Football Player of the Week

We ended the promotion with a bang by hosting a banquet dinner for the six winners and their friends and family. This perfectly epitomized our (and our advertisers’) ultimate goal of running a promotion that focused on our community and the people that make it great.


The Results

All together this promotion generated approximately $30,000 in revenue!

Though we were thrilled with these results, we were even more excited with the high level engagement the promotion fostered within Springfield. In the end, we had a whopping total of 373,345 votes over the six-week promotion period.

Supporting our community’s high school athletics is important to us and to our advertisers, and we loved demonstrating this through Football Player of the Week. We’re already looking forward to making this contest even better next year!


WYMG’s Football Player of the Week was the Winner of the Best Local Sports Contest at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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