10 Father’s Day Promotions to Engage Your Audience and Advertisers

by Julie Foley Second Street

Father’s Day Sweepstakes

Telegram & Gazette | Worcester, MA

This sweepstakes from the Telegram was extremely successful for both the paper and their advertiser, Howe Lumber. The advertiser wanted to drive brand awareness and new traffic outside of their normal 10 mile radius. To promote engagement, the sweepstakes included a $10 off coupon for every entrant and a prize of $500 for one random winner. The sweepstakes collected 1,400 entries! Plus, the registration form included three questions to qualify leads for the advertiser. The paper added 850 opt-ins to their email list and generated $4,500 in sponsorship revenue from this campaign.

Father's Day Sweepstakes Telegram & Gazette

Deck Out Your Dad Photo Contest

KXLY-TV | Spokane, WA

KXLY used this photo contest for a great springtime deck renovation promotion, sponsored by a local lumber company. The goal was to market the sponsor’s deck expo event, which took place just after the end of the voting period. There were four awesome prizes and both TV and digital promotions for both of the three-week photo submission period and the 10 day voting period. Over 200 photos of decks in need of repairs were submitted, and more than 1,000 votes. Lastly, the station secured $6,700 in revenue from this home improvement initiative.

Deck Out Your Dad Photo Contest KXLY-TV

‘Why I Love My Dad’ Messages Video Contest

You can utilize this turnkey video contest to celebrate Father’s Day with your audience. Invite them to upload a video sharing what their dad means to them and showcase them in your core or social media. Partner with local advertisers like specialty retail, restaurants, or home improvement and include a prize to generate even more engagement.

‘Why I Love My Dad’ Messages Video Contest

Father’s Day Sweepsteaks

Albany Times Union | Albany, NY

Albany Times Union’s fun steak-themed father’s day giveaway was a great way to promote their two local sponsors, a local butcher and hardware store. The package generated $3,500 in sponsorship revenue for the paper. To drive entries, the advertiser gave away a new grill and a $500 gift card to the butcher shop, which drove over 4,300 entries. Of those users, more than 80% opted-in for emails from the sponsors!

Father's Day Sweepsteaks Albany Times Union

Historic Dad Trivia Quiz

Engage your audience with this ready-made Historic Dad trivia quiz! This quiz tests users’ knowledge of famous dad’s throughout history and is a perfect chance to partner with local advertisers such as lawn and garden shops, lawn equipment, grills, and automotive retailers.

Historic Dad Trivia Quiz

Me and My GrillFriend Photo Contest

KXLY-TV | Spokane, WA

This campaign from KXLY was perfectly synced with the Father’s Day and 4th of July holidays to kick-off the summer grilling season. They created this photo contest asking viewers to submit silly photos of their ‘GrillFriend’ and secured a local pool retailer to sponsor the contest. They received 42 hilarious photos entries of folks with their various grills and nearly 500 people voted for their favorite. The winner took home a Traeger grill from the sponsor company and a brand new “GrillFiend.” This campaign was a fantastic way for the station to help their audience celebrate and generated $4,000 in sponsorship revenue for the station.

Me and My GrillFriend Photo Contest KXLY-TV

Father’s Day SweepSTEAKS Ballot

CHUR-FM | North Bay, Ontario

This ballot from CHUR-FM is another great steaks-themed promotion for Father’s Day. They secured a brand new sponsor, a local butcher, to sponsor the contest and generated $1,000 in revenue for the station. The ballot asked listeners to vote on their Dad’s favorite cut of meat and offered a prize of ‘Meat for a Month’ (a $300 gift card) to a random voter. The station utilized lead-generation questions to drive awareness about the sponsor and an email opt-in to grow the butcher’s database. Check out the full case study.

CHUR Father's Day Ballot

Daddy & Me Photo Contest

Aberdeen News | Aberdeen, SD

This turnkey Father’s Day photo contest from Aberdeen News was a perfect opportunity to showcase local advertisers. The paper secured a golf course, two restaurants, and a home improvement retailer to sponsor the contest, each of which provided a $50 gift card prize. Over 130 users submitted a photo and nearly 5,000 votes were collected. This multi-sponsor campaign drove $2,350 in revenue for the paper!

Daddy & Me Photo Contest Aberdeen News

Father’s Day Coloring Photo Gallery

You can utilize this turnkey coloring photo gallery for a quick and fun Father’s Day promotion. With a specially designed downloadable coloring page, your audience can print and customize their art then show it off in this gallery!

It’s a perfect opportunity to partner with local advertisers like restaurants, home improvement services, and speciality retail stores! Plus, you can easily include lead-generation questions to create a list of qualified leads.

Father’s Day Coloring Photo Gallery

Father’s Day Giveaway

KYTV-TV | Springfield, MO

To celebrate Father’s Day, KYTV created a huge sweepstakes featuring seven sponsors. The sponsors included a local tool store, sports resale shop, home center, restaurant, and a few local attractions. With three levels of prizes, they provided tons of exposure for each sponsor and drove over 2,300 entries. This sweepstakes campaign generated $3,500 in sponsorship revenue for the KYTV and added about 1,000 opt-ins to both the station and advertiser’s email lists.

Father's Day Giveaway KYTV-TV

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