Father’s Day Ballot a Win for Butcher Shop

by Megan Black Second Street

2017 Second Street Award – Best Ballot Finalist

Case Study Highlights

  • $20,000 revenue for station
  • 100+ opt-ins for advertiser

The Idea

Radio station, CHUR-FM in North Bay, Ontario, was looking to open up a new revenue stream. While they had never run a promotion around Father’s Day in the past, they felt this could be a good chance to work with a new advertiser in their market.

The station reached out to Bavarian Link Meat Products, a local butcher and deli meat supplier. The specialty store was interested in a unique way to show off their products and grow their database and social following. Based on the goals of the butcher shop, CHUR-FM came up with the Father’s Day SweepSTEAKS Ballot.

CHUR Fathers Day Ballot

The Execution

Since the advertiser was wanting to show off the variety of meat they offer, the station decided to create a ballot asking people to pick their dad’s favorite cut of meat. With a grand prize of meat for a month ($300 value) given to one lucky participant.

chur father's day ballot

Bavarian Link Meat Products didn’t just want to show the meat they offered, they wanted to use this as an opportunity to educate their audience as well. Each of the ten entries included a description about why it’s a popular cut of meat and how best to cook it.

chur father's day ballot entry

The butcher shop wanted to grow their email database and increase their social following. On the registration page, we included both an opt-in and optional Facebook Like button for Bavarian Link Meat Products.

chur fathers day ballot opt-in

The ballot registration form also leveraged lead-generation questions. The first question provided information about users’ barbecue habits. The second question was designed to show the user that Bavarian Link Meat Products offered freezer packs of meat – a product they really wanted to advertise.

chur fathers day ballot survey questions

Once the advertiser had the results of the lead-gen questions, this would allow them to reach out to their newly opted-in users with targeted marketing emails related to their products.

To take advantage of a final touch point with their new potential customers, the ballot included a bounceback email with the promise of free meat just from visiting their store. This was a great way to help drive foot traffic for the advertiser.

chur father's day ballot email

The Results

When all was said and done, Bavarian Link Meat Products was able to add 100+ new people to their email database, find out only 40% of users knew about their freezer packs, and find out the answer to the most important question – that the t-bone is the most popular cut of meat.

This was also a big win for CHUR-FM. Being their first attempt at a ballot and their first Father’s Day promotion, the contest was able to bring in $20,000 in revenue for the station and start a relationship with a brand new advertiser.

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