Best Sweepstakes of 2018

by Liz Huff Second Street

Bill Gray’s 2 Cheeseburgers 2 Custards 4 Tuesday – WHAM-TV

*2018 Second Street Award – Best Sweepstakes Winner

A local restaurant chain was looking for more business, increased branding in their community, and to start an email Birthday Club. WHAM-TV pitched a weekly sweepstakes with the prize of a meal for two at the restaurant. The registration page included a sign-up for Bill Gray’s Birthday Club which WHAM-TV is managing for the restaurant. The sweepstakes campaign brought in $8,000 for WHAM-TV in 2018, and the station has already booked $24,000 for 2019.

Mattress Firm March – KRIS-TV

The local Mattress Firm wanted to understand their current market’s mattress buying preferences. This sweepstakes offered a valuable but relevant prize – $1,000 shopping spree to the store. On the registration form, the station included multiple lead-gen questions based on information from Mattress Firm. After the campaign ended, KRIS-TV was able to create tailored emails on Mattress Firm’s behalf to entrants based on their answers to the lead-gen questions.

Win a Hurricane Party Prep Package – Post and Courier

As Charleston, SC prepared for the hit of the latest hurricane, the Post and Courier had a clever idea for a sweepstakes. The paper put together a Hurricane Party Prep Package including a gift cards to both a grocery store and a liquor store as well as a few household emergency items. The paper secured $3,000 in sponsorship revenue from the local HVAC company.

12 Days of Christmas – put together this successful holiday campaign featuring 12 sponsors in 12 sweepstakes over 12 days. Each day, they announced the new contest via email and the winner was announced on a live, on-location spot for the sponsor. Thank-you emails were sent after each contest including coupons for participating businesses.

Win a Free Semester of College – Record Journal

A local college wanted an opportunity to show community goodwill and identify potential new students. The Record Journal pitched the idea of a sweepstakes giving away a free semester of college to a lucky student. With lead-gen questions on the registration page, the school identified hundreds of potential leads. The paper was able to secure $5,500 in sponsorship revenue, and the college has already signed on for a contest the next semester.

Explore Right Out Your Back Door – KRTV-TV

With summer on its way, Montana State Parks wanted to identify potential visitors before their busiest season. KRTV pitched a sweepstakes perfect for families who were looking to enjoy the outdoors! The state parks paid a $5,000 sponsorship investment while the station was able to secure Northwest Energy to provide the prize. With lead-gen questions and an email opt-in, the Montana State Parks has a list of leads to reach out to with summertime offers.

Heiser Snow Stick Sweepstakes – WITI-TV

For viewers of WITI in Milwaukee, WI, winter means a lot of snow. The station ran a sweepstakes offering viewers the chance to win a WITI snow stick marked for measuring snowfall. The station secured a sponsorship for their contest with a local auto dealer. Lead-gen questions on the registration form lead to 157 people asking to be contacted by the auto dealer.

MegaWatt Solabration Sweepstakes – KXLY-TV

Taking a tip from KYTV’s $1.25MM solar panel sweepstakes, KXLY worked with a local solar panel company on their own solar sweepstakes. With the prize of a full installation of a solar panel system, brought in over 1,000 entries. Plus, lead-gen questions and an email opt-in, Eco Depot had a big list to reach out to afterwards.

Bank of Sullivan Bash for Cash – KYTV-TV

For five years running, the Bank of Sullivan Bash for Cash just keeps getting better. This clever contest ties into the local baseball team – in order to win, the team needs to hit a home run in the seventh inning of a KYTV televised game. Throughout the season, this means participants have nearly a dozen chances to win $500 from the Bank of Sullivan. More than 7,000 people signed up for their chance to win, and KYTV was able to secure $6,000 in sponsorship revenue.

Hot Wynning Wheels – WDDJ-FM

WDDJ-FM was in need of growing their email list. The station reached out to a local auto dealer about running a sweepstakes to give away a new vehicle. In exchange, the dealership would get a list of qualified leads based off of an email opt-in for the dealership and lead-gen questions from the sponsor. The contest brought in 3,200+ email opt-ins and $5,000 in sponsorship revenue for WDDJ and over 1,500+ people asked to be contacted by the dealership.

This year’s top sweepstakes truly showed that value of consumer data. While sponsorship revenue is great, understanding your audience better is invaluable.

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