Best Polls of 2018

by Julie Foley Second Street

Sioux Falls Mayoral Race – KSFY-TV

*2018 Second Street Award – Best Poll Winner

No matter the size of your community, elections are always going to be a hot topic. KSFY created a multi-question poll asking viewers to weigh in on their thoughts about the next Sioux Falls mayor and other election “matters.” This interactive poll was a great way for KSFY to educate their viewers on the upcoming election, while also growing their own email database. 3,400+ people participated in the poll, and KSFY added 500 new people to their email newsletter database.

Salem Fair – WDBJ-TV

The Salem Civic Center has hosted the Salem Fair for over 30 years. WDBJ-TV partnered with the civic center to create a contest to drum up excitement for the fair. Their poll offered a prize of a family four pack of tickets to seven lucky participants and included an email opt-in for the Salem Civic Center. More than 2,800 people participated in the quiz, and more than 2,000 opted-in for messages from the sponsor.

1st Christmas Song on CHYM! – CHYM-FM

Many listeners highly anticipate the start of the Christmas music on station CHYM. This year, the station decided to give users a chance to pick the first Christmas song of the season. The station secured a local sewing machine store as the sponsor for $1,000. The sponsor even included a coupon for all participants in the poll.

Frog Wars: Trent Harmon vs. Kane Brown – KFRG-FM

Radio station KFRG-FM runs a weekly poll pitting two hit songs against each other. The winner of the poll is featured during a spot on one of the station’s shows. While these polls are good for audience engagement, they’re great for also growing the KFRG station newsletter database.

Where Do You Think the Cardinals Will Finish? – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As the St. Louis Cardinals baseball season came to an end, local fans were split on whether or not the team would make it into the playoffs. This simple one-question poll asked readers to share their opinions on the team. The poll added over 600 people to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Cardinals Insider newsletter.

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Poll – Green Bay Press-Gazette

With the Green Bay Packers looking for a new head coach, the Green Bay Press-Gazette thought this would be a great opportunity for a poll. Fans of the team agreed. More than 19,000 people participated in the poll making this a huge win for the paper.

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