Best Emails of 2017

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

“Birthday Club Offers” – Northwest Florida Daily News

northwest florida email

The birthday club email campaign from the Northwest Florida Daily News has already had tremendous success. Loyalty campaigns, like this campaign triggered to send automatically on a user’s birthday, are one of the best types of emails you can send. They drive high open rates and keep your subscribers happy. This campaign helps keep people active in their database, adds new users, and is driving consistent revenue. Prominently featuring coupons from their sponsors within the emails, this campaign has already secured more than $80,000 in revenue and is planned to hit $115,000 by the end of the year.

“Dave and Chuck the Freak have chosen YOU!” – WBOS-FM

wbos email

When WBOS started a new show – Dave & Chuck the Freak – the station wanted to identify super fans, so they could give the listeners a VIP experience. By including a Dave & Chuck opt-in on all their registration forms, they grew their targeted list. The copy of the email itself was amazing and written exactly the way a Dave & Chuck listener would expect. These targeted emails consistently drive outstanding results, in this case, an 84% open rate with a 59% click through.

“Mayor Landrieu responds to my blog about the monuments” – WWL-FM

wwl email

As opposed to traditional news content, this highly relevant, hyper-local story was written to feel personal and is addressed from an actual person. Another reason for success was the subject line, which sounded like how a friend would speak to another friend. This email was also designed with one click, one call to action – which is always ideal. Even with being sent to a big audience, using all these best practices, this email received both a high open rate of 33% and high click through rate of 18%.

“This Week’s Living With Amy Recipes” – WLUK-TV

wluk email

This weekly newsletter featuring the station’s on-air lifestyle show personality, has a niche audience that keeps on growing. This creative way to take on-air content such as recipes and home tips and repurpose it into an email is driving high open and click through rates week after week for WLUK. The station has also been able to get these popular emails sponsored by the local grocery store which is resulting in over $1,200 per month of revenue.

“Thanks for entering Castle Rock’s Autumn Adventure Giveaway 2017!” – KYTV-TV

kytv email

This was an excellent use of a thank you email following a contest KYTV ran for their advertiser, Castle Rock – an indoor waterpark and resort. Knowing everyone who entered the contest was potentially a hot lead, this thank you email included copy promoting a special package and a link to book their own stay at the resort. 39% of people opened the email and nearly 15% of them clicked through to the Castle Rock website – just think, when was the last time your advertiser got that many clicks on a banner ad?

“Enter for a chance to win!” – KIRO-FM

kiro suncadia email

This was a great example of how your media company can leverage email to drive entries into a sweepstakes and identify leads for an advertiser. With a clear subject line, one click, one call to action, and beautiful use of an image, this campaign for Suncadia Resort hit all the right notes. Combined with the sweepstakes, this campaign lead to $5,000 for the station – and identified over 900 people in the market for a vacation home!


wror email

With the subject line “We Want YOUR OPINION!” you’re sure to get the attention of your audience. WROR wanted to show their audience their opinions really mattered by creating a Listener Advisory Board. This is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and it also helps make your radio station better at the same time.

“Win A Storm Shelter, Silver Dollar City Tickets and more” – KYTV-TV

ky3 contest email

KYTV’s weekly contest email is an idea everyone should be copying. Email is the #1 driver of entries to contests, so this is be a can’t-miss opportunity. Plus, these are fun emails you’re audience wants to get, so they’ll drive high open and click through rates as well as keep your audience engaged.

“Brandon Marshall walks out of K&C interview” – WEEI-FM

weei email 2

While a daily newsletter might not work for everyone, WEEI’s Daily Mashup is a targeted email to a highly engaged, incredibly large audience. And they’re working – they’re consistently driving in open rates above 25%. With exciting subject lines and optimized for mobile, each story within the email has a clear call to action which means the radio station can also learn which topics drive the best results.

Now’s the best time to work on starting or improving your email strategy. Make sure you’re leveraging all the email tools you have available to drive engagement and database results for your company.

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