Best Emails from the 2021 Awards

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Country 102.5 Artist Targeted Emails

WKLB-FM | Boston, MA

*2021 Second Street Award – Best Email Campaign Winner

The team at WKLB put a lot of dedication and effort into their database growth this year. And it paid off! Every promotion they run asks new subscribers who their favorite musicians and artists are. This data is collected and leveraged to then send targeted emails about concerts, new song releases, exclusive interviews, and more just to the fans who want it the most. This has lead to an incredibly engaging email program that strengthens the station’s relationship and trust with their listeners.

Targeted Emails Reach the Right Audience

Community Marketing Grant Email

The Taos News | Taos, NM

The Taos News quickly put together this email promoting their new community grant program. Local businesses were in need of help to get back on their feet, and this email came to them at the right time. This email, along with the subsequent follow-ups, had concise copy that drove urgency which led to a strong open rate among subscribers.

Enter to Win: Bob Seger Prize Pack

WCSX-FM | Birmingham, MI

The team at WCSX has spent time and effort to ensure their database understands what their subscribers are interested in. When it came time to announce their ob Seger Prize Pack contest, they leveraged their database to send to those tagged as being a Bob Seger fan. This was a BIG win with the email pulling in a 41% open rate with a 24% click rate. Plus the contest then added an additional 570 NEW opt-ins for their Bob Seger segmented list.

Warehouse Liquidation Sale

KYTV-TV | Springfield, MO

With a $4,000 investment from iSense Mattress, the team at KYTV created an email campaign of two targeted emails promoting the mattress store’s products and deals. The email campaign led to $24,000 in sales for the mattress store.

Email consistently proves itself as the most powerful tool for consumer activation. Make sure you invest in your email program to ensure you’re delivering the best results for your company and your clients.

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