Best Birthday Emails from the 2021 Awards

by Tim D'Avis Second Street


Indianapolis, IN

*2021 Second Street Award – Best Birthday Email Winner

This is just a great example of a well-done birthday email. The team at WTTS partners with a local chocolate shop to provide a coupon for a free sweet treat. They have over 27,000 people enrolled in their birthday club and deliver a 50% open rate!


Chicago, IL

The team at WGN-TV continues to do a great job with their birthday emails. They have a monthly sweepstakes campaign to add more subscribers, include great prizes, and add in videos from station personalities.

Distinctly Montana Magazine

Bozeman, MT

With 20,000 people enrolled and a 30% open rate, the team in Bozeman are killing it with their birthday email program this year. They use subscription offers and discounts for local made goods as rewards.

Beasley Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

The team here is driving a fantastic 36% open rate for their birthday club. Plus, they have over 100,000 people signed up! They include video messages form their staff to engage with listeners as well.

Daily Herald

Chicago, IL

This is a well-designed example of a birthday email with good copy and and a great offer! They’ve got over 50,000 people in their list and are delivering a 34% open rate.

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