Best Editorial or Programming Campaigns of 2018

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Civics Test – KIDK-TV

*2018 Second Street Award – Best Editorial or Programming Campaign Winner

While developing a story on the challenge of becoming a naturalized citizen, the team at KIDK-TV saw an opportunity to engage their local audience on this national news topic. They created a quiz to see if local viewers could pass the test themselves to highlight the difficulty of the real citizenship test. This became KIDK’s top news story for several weeks and collected over 3,200 entries.

CivicsTest Quiz from KIDK

What Song Do You Most Want to Hear? – WXKB-FM

WXKB-FM’s daily poll features songs currently on the charts and in the WXKB playlists. The winner of which is played on-air that night. In just 24 hours, the poll received over 10,000 entries! This is a great example of using traditional media and digital media to promote engagement and giving listeners a say in what the station plays

WXKB Song Poll

Which KU Basketball Player Are You? – Lawrence Journal-World

The team at the Lawrence Journal-World put together a fantastic, straight-forward quiz to engage readers. The personality quiz asked a variety of fun questions and paired quiz-takers with a KU basketball player as the result. Over 4,500 people took the quiz and the Lawrence Journal-World collected 1,500 opt-ins for their segmented sports email list.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Poll – KOIT-FM

KOIT-FM ran a poll asking listeners if they should continue to play ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ due to the popular national public debate over its lyrics. This poll tied directly to the station’s programming and produced great results; valuable feedback from listeners, 23,000+ poll responses, and over 14,000 opt-ins for KOIT’s newsletters. The story of the poll gained so much attention dozens of other local news stations picked it up, which drove even more responses.

KOIT Poll- Baby it's cold

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