Best Niche Ballots of 2018

by Julie Foley Second Street

4Frenzy High School Sports Ballots – WDIV-TV

*2018 Second Street Award – Best Ballot Winner

WDIV-TV has taken their high school sports ballot to the next level. By including groups beyond sports – like theater, choir, and robotics – they’re tapping into their entire audience. With a Spring, Fall, and Winter edition of the ballot, this program has brought in $220,000 in revenue for the station. Read the full case study.

20 Most Powerful Women – Northern Nevada Business View

The Powerful Women Awards from Northern Nevada Business View was a tremendous success for the magazine. More than 7,000 people cast over 11,000 votes to crown the top 20 most powerful women of Sierra Nevada. Seeing how well their audience responded to the contest, the magazine is now hosting a formal event to honor the winners and nominees.

Favorite Firefighter – WDSN-FM

Small market radio station WDSN-FM was looking for an opportunity to recognize some of the service men and women in their community. Their Favorite Firefighter ballot was a big hit with locals excited to share photos and stories of their loved ones. With multiple sponsorships available, WDSN was able to generate $6,800 in revenue.

Ultimate Wedding Ballot – Pittsburgh Magazine

No matter the community, wedding ballots are always a win. Pittsburgh Magazine’s Ultimate Wedding Ballot generated over 16,000 votes. The registration form included an email opt-in and asked for user’s expected wedding date – great piece of data for potential sponsors.

20 Under 40 – The Item

The Item was looking for a promotion to connect with a younger demographic, and the 20 Under 40 was a big hit. Community members were eager to vote and local advertisers were excited to align themselves with a goodwill promotion. To celebrate the winners, the paper created an event which sold out quickly. The ballot and event resulted in $15,000 for the paper.

Best of Business – Columbus CEO

In its eleventh year, the Best of Business has been the longest-running and most far-reaching recognition program for the Columbus CEO. With categories for every business in the community, all readers can find something they care about. The ballot has driven 47,000+ votes and nearly $12,000 for the magazine.

Vote for Your Favorite Great Lakes Beer – Columbus Dispatch

A local brewery wanted a fun, creative way to showcase their products. Not only did this custom ballot show off all the different offerings of the brewery, but it also gave light to some great data about their products. Over 5,000 votes were cast, the sponsor added 1,300 people to their database, and the paper secured $5,600 in sponsorship revenue.

The best ballots of 2018 show how unique promotions resonate with their target audience. Whether it’s finding the best young professionals in your community or voting for your favorite beers, ballots give your audience the opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard.

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